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We Go Together

What makes a great partnership? Learn through exploring Josh Allen and Sean McDermott's astrology charts! Today we are talking football!

Fly Like an Eagle

Besides the magic of the wedding, the signs surrounding us were everywhere. Nothing left to say but thank you for all the love.

You May Say I am a Dreamer...

Do you let signs guide you on your path? When I first started studying mediumship, we had to agree to do 40 readings for free. I was like, well this was short lived. Not doing it. There is no way I can do that. I was ready to quit before I started. Yet somehow I kept going. One day, with about 15 readings under my belt, it occurred to me to offer a reading day. I would have a day at the office where I offered reiki and just do readings for as many people as would come. It wo

Magic Moments: Day 7

This is easily my favorite magic moment so far. It literally put a pep in my step the entire rest of the day.

Magic Moments: Day 5

Today was a quiet day. Lots of magic to be found in what is technically a winter's day in New York state with temperatures in the 70's and robust, beautiful sunshine. Just being outside today was sheer joy. I drove home from Ithaca today and took in the scenery of Cayuga Lake. The water was aglow with blues and greens and reminded me of the dream I had the night prior where I was flying. In my dream, there were water parks and water for miles, and I flew above that water, jus

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