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Bless the Broken Road

We sat on the beach as we do on Sundays. It is always a quieter day than Saturday. I stood up to help my sister in law with her sunscreen. As I did, I saw the little guy scurrying along the base of the wall. He was moving quickly and clearly had a goal in mind. Of course we all turned to look at him and to take his picture because it’s not every day that a snapping turtle appears on the beach. We didn’t touch him. Not at first anyway. We simply allowed him to continue on his path.

Our attention stopped him however. This little green snapping turtle was playing possum as best I could tell. We left him alone at that point but kept an eye on him. And so he sat, still, sunbathing on a very hot concrete ledge.

The minutes ticked by; he didn’t go anywhere and was getting very dried out. It was at least 80 degrees in the direct hot sun and the concrete made it even hotter. Eventually we decided he needed our help. Maybe we stunned him with our initial attention, and now he wasn’t continuing on his way. We took him to the lake shore and let some water wash over him. And again we left him alone.

After ten or so minutes, he perked up and started making his way down the shore. Again, he picked up speed and took off. For a guy with little legs, he was pretty fast.

We watched him from a distance and sure enough, he cruised back up the sand and made it to the wall again. The place he had started before we interfered with him. Clearly he had an agenda and we messed him up.

Climbing back up after the redirect

This has stuck with me all week. Did we mess him up? Or did we help him? Regardless, he got right back to what he had intended, even if meant he took another path.

A message that comes up again and again in readings is that there is always more than one way to look at things. He met some new people who showed a lot of interest in his well-being. They gave him some replenishing water before he got back to the heat. Or maybe he saw as giant interlopers who needed to mind their own business.

Under this Sagittarius moon today, I ask you to reflect when you’ve been on a path to your dreams and something interfered with your plan. Maybe you were dealt an unexpected circumstance or something happened that stopped you in your tracks. Were you eventually able to get back to it? Did the interference change everything for you and you didn’t go forward? Or, were you able to take what you learned through the interference and redirect your plans, maybe changing or modifying but still heading fiercely in the direction of your dreams, like our turtle did?

Sagittarius invites us to explore, grow, travel and learn. It also seeks to find joy in all the things we encounter. It makes me feel like the turtles message: Keep reaching for your dreams, even when the path changes unexpectedly or the timeline is different. One lesson I know quite well is that we really aren’t in charge here anyway. We can only make the best of each experience and opportunity that comes along. We may as well go with the flow.

This whole experience has helped me the impatient Aries woman. I waited an entire week to share the tale of the turtle. I wanted to make so much meaning of it when it happened but truly, it wasn’t time yet. I couldn’t piece it all together yet because it wasn’t time, I didn’t have all the bits of the story. Ahh the agony of waiting mixed with the joy of understanding timing.

So thank you little turtle for sharing this learning experience.  I hope you got where you were going to and that you are soaking in the sun when you can.


PS If you’re feeling stuck like a turtle on a ledge in the sun, reach out. I’d love to help you navigate with the wonder that is the map of your astrology chart. It always has answers.

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