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Halloween Ghost Stories

I met the sweetest lady tonight. I wasn’t sure exactly who she was but I could feel her energy. She had bright twinkling eyes and the warmest disposition.

She was showing me her hands. I could see her skin and she was showing me just how soft her skin was. I thought this was unusual but who am I to judge?

I felt like this was my client’s mother so I said as much. I identified her hair, she wore glasses and had all that warmth. When I suggested she had really soft skin, her daughter started to cry.

She said, “I always told her how soft her skin was. No one else would know that.”

This is what they do. They know us so well and they know what will help us believe it is them and they use it.

I also appreciate this because I am a skeptical medium. I require a lot of evidence for my clients because I want them to know this is real. They are here with us, as close sometimes as the nose on our faces.

Last week, I had a client in my office and her Dad took me outside in the yard. I wasn’t sure where the yard was exactly, so I just started to describe what I saw. A split rail fence, and a barn to the right. If it is a barn or a garage, I am not sure, but it is a structure. There is an open yard or field behind the fence and there are fruit trees all down the left side of the yard.

My client makes a face at me that makes me pause. “Is this some place you recognize?”

“You just described my backyard from childhood,” she says.

Why do I tell these stories? I tell them because I want you to know this for yourself. Odds are you don’t need to come and see me for a reading. They are there with you, they see everything. They want us to talk to them and very often, they have been helping us remove barriers in our lives to help us get where we are meant to be going. In this, you can trust.

If they want you to visit a medium, they will nudge and push you until you go. You can also trust in that.

I love meeting these people. There is so much personality there, so much wisdom that they impart. They don’t change their spots I will tell clients but they do see things with a different perspective. Sometimes, that is what we need to hear. Other times, it is just to connect and validate that they are still here.

They are not that different in death than they were in life. They want the best for us, they want us to take chances, to live our best lives and love ourselves and each other. If they were grumpy here, they might still be grumpy. If they were loving and kind here, you can bet they are still loving and kind.

The nice woman from tonight wanted her son to know she was OK with the remodeling project he did at her house since moving in. It’s the simple things, they everyday occurrences and the big things too. They are here for it all.

They are watching, cheering you on and helping you to achieve your dreams. So yes, when I do a reading, I feel like I have met your people. They is how real they seem to me. Hopefully, you can feel that too.

PS The woman who’s mom had the very softest skin also had her Dad come through. He was in a tuxedo. Dancing at times, he whistled and I heard music with her mother. Was she singing, humming a tune, or simply following the father’s lead? We did not know for sure. The next morning she opened Spotify to play music. The first song that played validated it all. It was a song called “Cinderella” about a father and daughter dancing. It was very sweet and I had chills head to toe. What a blessing.

Even when we don’t get their message right away, they always deliver.

Love never dies.


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