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Magic Moments: Day 11

Today more of you have reached out with your magic stories. I love hearing them so please keep sharing!

I taught yoga this morning and as I walked out of the studio to my car, two hawks came swooping overhead. They flew together to the parking lot where my car was and then they came together, grasping each others talons, and then spiraled away from each other. Yes, I realize it is mating season but since hawks are largely solo birds, I think it is pretty magical that I saw two of them together twice in two days.

If you've been with me these last 11 days, you might be thinking what is her deal with the hawks? For the full story, there are a couple of older posts that explain my hawk fascination. (See: "I'm tryin to tell you something about my life" or if you want to know what your birth totem animal is: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight...")

Long and short, they are my totem animal by birth and a bird that resonates with me. The hawk is a messenger for me and often when I see them a lot, some news is coming my way. They also played an important transitional and symbolic role for me when my mom died.

In another magical moment today, I shared with a yoga colleague today that a healing suggestion she made proved very helpful for me. She looked at me dumbfounded because she didn't even remember sharing it with me. A few weeks back, she and I were talking before class and I commented that I talk to myself a lot. She said she also does this but she found that if she records herself, sometimes she can get to the root of a problem faster. Not long after, I gave this a try. As I did this, I not only dug deeper into my issue but I burst into tears while I did. (I am not much of a cryer, so if this happens, I know a chord has been struck.)

If you are like me and you sometimes struggle to know what is really bothering you, this is a great idea. I say all this because a trend I am finding these last 11 days is that sharing stories creates connection. Period. So even if you are share your story with yourself and you learn a little something about you that is a win in my book.

This whole magic seeking effort will culminate this week with the full moon in Virgo on the 18th. I can't wait to see what else comes up between now and then, both for me and for you!

Keep looking for magic, you know it has it's eyes on you!

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