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Magic Moments: Day 16

When I started my Magic Moments campaign two weeks ago, my plan was to make it from the New Moon to the Full Moon. At 3:18 a.m. EST Friday, the moon will be full in Virgo. That's also funny because the date is March 18. This little experiment has truly proven magical in many ways for me, and I know for some of you, but first I want to tell you about today.

As Bono would say, today was a beautiful day. Glorious sun, clear skies and above average temperatures for March in Buffalo. It was 62 degrees! I had intended to go to a Barre class this afternoon but decided to take a long walk instead. The dogs were at daycare so I had no senior dog to consider so I went for it.

Funny thing about me is that I live within walking distance of 3 of the 4 homes I have owned as an adult. Today, something prompted me to walk past them. Then after my walk down memory lane, I stopped by the beach. There is something quite magical about the ice this time of year as it takes on a sort of glacial hue.

A little late spring Lake Erie ice

After my visit to the beach, I started for home. I had a job interview to prepare for in the afternoon and I needed to shower. As I got closer to the house, I crossed some railroad tracks and saw what looked like a really large bird down the road a bit. This had me look up and when I did, I twisted my ankle on the uneven pavement near the tracks and took a fairly aggressive fall. I was bleeding from my hand, my knee was hot with the sear of brushburns and my right ankle was underneath me. Of course my first reaction was to look and see if anyone saw me in spite of the fact that I was in the road next to the railroad tracks. I am evolving, but evidently I have got some room to grow.

I quickly got up, aware of the pain in my ankle but I decided to walk it off and keep heading home. As I walked down the road to my house, a red tailed hawk flew over head. "Thank you hawk for your ever watching spirit and for being a part of Day 16," I thought to myself. And then in what I can only describe as pure irony and comic relief, I spotted something up ahead on the lawn in my neighbor's yard.

Why yes, this a child's magic wand. I swear one of you put it there as a prop.

A MAGIC WAND. I would swear one of you put it there to mess with me. I just chuckled to myself, of course delighted to find this quite literal display of magic on this the last day of my quest to find it. Now there can be no doubt that I did indeed find magic.

I feel like I need to analyze and make some meaning from this trip I took today. If I keep going down memory lane, I will fall down and miss my step? If I keep looking up at the birds with my head in the clouds I will fall on my face? Or is there something to the magic after the fall that is so evident? I can't say. And I am not really sure I feel like I want to even tease it apart. In honor of the goose's message, I don't have to be good all the time. I don't have to assume the worst. What I can say is that I have faith there will always be magic up ahead, no matter which path I take.

Ice ice baby. And yes, my books are color coded.

I feel like we need a drumroll to end this campaign! I am in awe of every magical moment I had in these last two weeks. The comments and connections were so touching as well. I love the sheer wit of the universe for placing a child's magic wand on my path today, especially after my painful fall. I am also grateful for all of you who wrote and shared your magical moments with me. I hope you continue to look for and find magic everyday.

I will continue to post the magic as it presents itself. Keep sharing your stories and creating connections as often as you can!

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