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Slow Down, You Move too Fast...

Can We Talk About Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is a really fast planet. It rules how we think and share and talk and present ourselves. If you are fortunate enough to have Mercury as a ruler of one of your main planetary placements (think Sun, Moon, Rising) you are likely to also have a really fast brain! This means quick thinking, rapid fire brain capacity but also some of that monkey mind can play a role too. (I am talking to those of you with Gemini, Virgo and even Aries placements.) In that sense, Mercury Retrograde can be a delight as it calls for us to slow down, review, reassess, revise and sometimes gives us the chance to catch some things we may have missed during our first pass.

We are about a week into this retrograde, a thing that happens three times a year and lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks. This one is on the longer side, at more of three weeks. What’s a few weeks one way or the other? Time flies when you are having fun, correct?

This one is also a little bit different because Mercury will split its time between Libra and Virgo. This is cool in a sense because we get to do the revising, reviewing and reassessing in two areas of our lives. We are starting this retrograde in Libra so topics for review might include relationships, collaborations, legal matters, art projects or big choices. If you know your chart, look at the Libra house to get a better sense. (If you don’t know what that means, reach out and I will make you a chart!)

On September 23, Mercury moves back to Virgo. This is more a time to review, reassess and revise in the areas of health, problem solving, daily life and tasks and communication. This part of the retrograde feels a little juicier because we get the new moon, conjunctions to the sun and Venus. There will be moments for clarity, downloads of new information, honing your skills and talents and your focus. Again, look at the Virgo house in your chart for specifics.

In general, there are things that occurred in late August that you might not have totally worked through that will resurface for late September. Things that have hidden may come to light, maybe new solutions to old problems may arise and truly, new opportunities abound.

As always, with any Mercury retrograde, if you are signing paperwork or doing anything requiring a contract, read it over several times, check all the details and know that there might be some technology screw ups, but the rest really is not so bad!

It all feels very good to me since I am an Aries Sun and Gemini moon. My brain moves FAST and I like the forced slow down. Long story short, don’t fear the retrogrades! Allow for the magic of slowing down, revising, reviewing and reassessing to perfect your form. As Simon and Garfunkel once said...

"Slow down, you move too fast

You got to make the morning last

Just kicking down the cobblestones

Looking for fun and feeling groovy..."

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