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We Go Together

Last fall I had the opportunity to go to a party where people throw axes. You have maybe seen these places which include throwing axes at a wall for sport and consumption of alcohol. Literally, who comes up with these things? With minimal coaching I did great for the first few throws. I was super excited and I even decided I had a favorite ax. This is a thing I never thought I would say. Then, after a couple more turns, I started thinking about throwing. Was this how I did it the first time? Is this my favorite ax? Did I lead with my left foot or right? In turn, my performance suffered. I did OK in the end, but I did not maintain that initial momentum. You see, I am an overthinker. I ruin things with my overprocessing.

Does this resonate? Have you tried something new, kicked ass and then someone told you it was supposed to be hard and suddenly you tank? You let your head get in the way! Maybe this is only me, but I highly doubt it.

If you are someone who has planets in your astrology chart at zero degrees, you might not be able to relate to me. People who have planets at zero degrees in their chart have something else going on entirely. They ooze beginners luck energy and might be someone who would go to the ax place, throw great the first time and then maintain that power. They would NOT do as I did and overprocess the hell out of it and end up losing their edge. This is not to say they don’t also work hard, because they certainly can, and if they do, this will just amp up that energy even more.

These people are curious, eager to start their journey in this life and usually don’t sweat the small stuff. Theirs is an enthusiasm like that of young love, when you can love without abandon because your heart has not yet been broken. If you are familiar with the Tarot, it is the energy of the Fool card. It is unshaking faith in the future; yes, beginner’s luck, but also improvisation and well, the ability to pivot and live in the moment because you are just excited to be here.

Because I live near Buffalo, New York, I have been studying Josh Allen’s chart for some time. I would literally pay to have his birth time, so if you have a source, please let me know! If you are unfamiliar with Josh, I am sorry. He is the Quarterback of the Buffalo Bills and he is mesmerizing and fascinating and terrifying to watch all at once. He is terrifying only because he puts his heart out there and makes big moves. Watching these games is not for the faint of heart but so entertaining! I am not even a big fan of football, but I am a fan of Josh Allen and this team.

Josh has his Sun is at zero degrees of Gemini. The Sun represents our personality self, so it is hugely important to who we are and how we show up in the world. In Josh’s case, he is all that I mentioned above but also has a work ethic to match his eagerness and fearlessness. As a rule, Gemini people love to make connections, to share, communicate, they are often funny, affable people with boundless energy for their friends and teammates. They are quick thinkers, strategists and have charm for days. Think JFK, Johnny Depp and Amy Schumer. Having the Sun at zero degrees makes this energy even more glittery and pronounced.

Imagine my surprise when I looked up Sean McDermott’s chart the other day and saw that his Sun is also at zero degrees but in the sign of Aries! Boom. For those who aren’t familiar, Sean McDermott is the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. That makes two leaders on this winning team, both with their Sun sign at zero degrees. At an energetic level, they are kindred souls, men who aren’t going to overthink things and will go with their instincts. Thank God I am here to overthink things for everyone!

McDermott & Allen together - Photo copyright

Aries people are leaders, impatient, ready to charge forward and take everything head on. They are innovative, passionate, committed and inspiring; qualities you would want in a head coach I would argue. Think Lady Gaga, Vincent van Gogh and Peyton Manning.

With the Sun at zero-degrees, again all this Aries energy is amplified and sparkly in a unique way that is rife with optimism and enthusiasm.

Imagine being someone who was sort of not into risk taking and “going for it” partnered with someone who was all of those things? It might make every day an adventure or it might give you hives. What I love about this pairing, is that both these men have this energy and therefore can build off each other creating synergy that far exceeds anything they can accomplish on their own, hopefully without any hives.

There is more magic in their charts and how they resonate with each other. Since I don’t know what time either of them were born, I can only make general observations. However here are a few things I have observed.

Not only do both men have zero-degree sun signs, they also have Pluto opposite their natal Sun. This is an aspect in the chart that makes for a person who is hugely powerful and possesses great strength. There can be a tendency towards perfectionism and being a little hard on oneself with this aspect. When they can learn to let the perfectionism go and find ways to come forth with this innate power and strength, they can be fearless and fascinating to watch. They are transformative and will undergo great changes throughout their lives.

McDermott’s Saturn aligns directly with Allen’s Venus. If this was a marriage, this would be an amazing indication of longevity, loyalty and success in relationship. Because it is not, we can only say that McDermott provides structure and stability that bolsters Allen’s abilities and provides the foundation he might need to grow and flourish. It is a beautiful thing to see. Allen’s Saturn shines directly on McDermott’s Sun - again, creating some magic. Allen allows McDermott to shine his most authentic talents in a way where both people grow and thrive.

Whether you are into football or not, it is always fascinating to observe how people’s energy connects. Sometimes people give us hives, other times people make us soar! At the end of the day, it is all energy. We are attracted to people who have energy that makes our energy feel things, whether that is challenging growth oriented or comfortable and familiar. This is just one of the many reasons why I love astrology. It all makes sense once we look closely at the alignment of energy!

Do you wonder how your people resonate with you? We can totally do this with regular non-celebrity people too! Hit me up and we can analyze your chart and those of your people too.

If anyone can get me these birth times, I will have more to share! Or, if there are other people you want me to investigate, let me know and I will absolutely do that too.

PS I promised my husband I would not talk about the vibes for this season because he prefers we “trust the process” and not mess things up. Therefore, I will not go there, but if you want my thoughts, reach out and I will share one on one!

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