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Intro to Astrology!

Understand Your Birth Chart!


This will be a 6 week consecutive series of classes designed to help you understand and navigate the wonders of astrology.

  • Are you curious about Astrology but don't know where to start?

  • Are you aware of your birth chart but don't know how to read it?

  • Do you know your Sun, Moon & Rising but desire a deeper dive?

  • Do you want to better understand the energies at play in your life?

  • Or maybe you have no idea about any of this but you are looking to learn more about yourself?


Astrology is my favorite tool for self exploration and deeper learning! We will break things down one segment at a time and by the end of the multi-week sessions, we will begin to piece it all together, to get the handbook to your personal treasure map (aka your birth chart!)

Class will be interactive and discussion based and I love examples, so I will be giving lots of those to amplify learning.

This event is held in person at Flicker Gifts & Inspirations, 141 Buffalo Street, Hamburg NY

Invite a Friend!

6:30 pm

First Gathering:

Tuesday, September 19

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Classes & Offerings: Services
Classes & Offerings: Services

Meditation & Message Circles

Increase connection & intuition

Meditation & Messages


Everything is stronger when experienced in a group! We gather for a guided meditation in a group setting. After meditation, people tend to be more open to their intuitive side. With that in mind, we share messages received and awarenesses that come up.

It is always a lovely event and those in attendance often find connections and synchronicities with others. This new format allows more time for messages! 

Everyone who attends receives a copy of the recorded meditation.

This event is held in person at Village Yoga & Wellness at 141 Pine Street, Hamburg, NY

Dress comfortably!

6:30 pm

Next Gathering:

Wednesday, September 13

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Choose from Astrology Consultations, Intuitive Readings or Reiki!  All readings are available in person, via Zoom or the phone. 

Pease schedule online with the link below or at the top of the page. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

Astrology Consultations

From $85 and up

We will take a look at your birth chart and current transits to get a sense of your personal "treasure map". This identifies your natural gifts and strengths as well as places you might find yourself stuck. Astrology is an amazing tool to determine the patterns in your life and help you create the life you are meant to be living. These sessions can be recorded and shared with each client. Check the scheduling link to find the option that is right for you.

Intuitive Reading

Starting at $85

An intuitive reading which might include connection with loved ones, guides or we will also address pressing issues in your life today. These sessions are recorded and shared with each client. 30-60 minutes in length



Reiki is universal life force energy that is available to all. It is intelligent energy that knows what is needed. Reiki promotes relaxation, natural healing ability in the body and stress reduction.

Classes & Offerings: Services
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