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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you do readings over the phone?

Absolutely! Spirit makes it work no matter what the means of communication. Very often I get visits from your loved ones in advance of the reading appointment, so no matter how we connect, the messages come across just fine.

If I don't know my birth time, can I still book an Astrology Consultation?

You can book something but it will not be very specific. We can ascertain some details, but it is best to have your exact time of birth. In most cases, you can order a birth certificate online via different resources for a small fee that should include your time of birth. 

Vital Chek is a good resource!

What can I expect my reading to be like?

No two readings are the same that’s for sure!  I get a lot of healing messages through clairsentience (feeling) which can be physical at times, clairvoyance (seeing in my mind’s eye) and clairaudience (hearing). I love working with Spirit and connecting people with loved ones who have passed, as well as helping to identify personal spirit guides, spirit animals and angels that are our assistants in navigating life! I believe we are all meant to use our own gifts of intuition as our best guides. I cannot guarantee that a specific loved one will come through or that there will be spirit contact. There will always be healing messages.

What do I need to do to prepare for a reading?

Not a thing. Just relax and be ready for Spirit. I only share healing and positive messages so there is nothing to fear. I have paper and pen for you to take notes if you like and I also record sessions to share with you after.

For Reiki healings, I always advise clients to refrain from alcohol for at least 24 hours before and after a session. 

How do I book a reading?

You can now book online!

Click here for scheduling options

Or if you prefer, send an email to

What if I can't keep my appointment?

Things always come up! Please reschedule or cancel as soon as possible. Spirit loved ones start working with Christy long before your appointment so please be considerate about timing.

In the case of Astrology or Human Design readings, extensive work occurs before your appointment. It helps to know if an appointment needs to be changed in advance.

Refunds can be made when cancelled more than 24 hours in advance of the appointment if pre-payment has been received.

No show appointments will be billed $50. 

Where are you located?

As of September 1, 2023 I will be at 44 Union Street in Hamburg NY. Appointments are required.

Will I hear from the specific person I want to hear from?

I cannot guarantee that the Spirit loved one you wish to hear from will come through. 9 times of out of 10, there will be someone from the other side that comes through. The content and direction of the reading is up to Spirit. I always leave time for a question at the end however and we can try and connect at that time.

Ask me anything! I love questions

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