The single best tool to reveal you who you really are

In my personal quest to heal and learn about myself and my energy, astrology has been a critical part of that. Learning that my natural tendencies are truly represented in my birth chart has been so liberating. Watching clients soften when I explain their natural energies are just as they should be is priceless. Astrology also helps us see how life is made of cycles. Everything has a time table and nothing lasts forever. Observing connections in family charts, the trends and overlaps is simply fascinating. 

Ever the skeptic, the true belief comes when looking at my own chart retrospectively. All the energy is there, the trends, the timing, all the momentous events of my life, are detailed on my chart. When you see that, there is no way not to believe.

Want to learn more about yourself?  Let me make a believer out of you!

Astrology is the tool you need!  And I am happiest when I can guide someone through that process.

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Intro to Your Astrology (30 minutes)

We will cover the foundation of your birth chart - your sun, moon and rising sign plus any other significant chart placements. This is a very basic overview - perfect for beginners!  You will need your exact time of birth, location, and date of birth for this reading.

60 Minute Reading

Take a dive into your personal energy map! Learn about your birth chart, the energies that will be with you for life. We will also look at how the current sky might be impacting your life now and in the future. We can focus on any topics that are of interest to you: career, love life, money, family, etc. You will need your exact time of birth, location, and date of birth for this reading.

Your Personal Energy Map (90 minutes)

We will go over your birth chart and the energies included in your personal astrological treasure map. We will also go over current astrology transits impacting your life. In addition we will cover your basic Human Design information and the energies included in that. How best to make decisions, how to move in the world, and how to unload all "the shoulds". This is the complete energetic picture of the magic of you! You will need your date of birth, birth time and place of birth.

Relationship Reading (90 minutes)

This reading is an in depth look at your partnerships of any kind - romantic, personal or professional!  This includes a look at both of your birth charts, your Human Design charts, current transits and also your marriage or business chart as appropriate. You will learn how you work individually and together. We can assess challenge spots and strengths from an energetic perspective! Both people do not need to participate. Session will be recorded! Birth information is needed for both parties.