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Extraordinary Magic

At 8:22 a.m. EST on April 12, 2022 Neptune and Jupiter will be exactly together in the sign of Pisces for the first time since 1856.

Did you ever wake up and feel like not only were you having some kind of crazy dream you can’t recall but that you also left the time zone?

This happened to me this morning. I don’t know what I dreamt about which is not typical for me. I do recall there were some key fobs like the kind you use in your car that don’t actually involve a key. Other than that, I don’t remember anything.

I felt good though. Also, this is not how I normally wake up. I was inspired to reread “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. It is one of maybe 4 books that I love so much I have both a hard copy and one on Audible.

I was reminded of the part where he talks about samskaras. According to the shortest definition I can find on the internet, “samskaras are the subtle impressions of our past actions.” (Thank you In the book, the author talks about how past hurts and even past joys can stick to us. And that the sum total of all this stickiness weighs us down. That when we get “triggered” (which seriously, what word did we use before triggered? Because that is very much a last 5 years only word) we are merely feeling the stickiness of the samskaras. The old feelings that no longer serve us.

I can remember the first time I got triggered after I read this. Singer says to observe the feeling, breathe into it and let it go. It worked! I could actually feel it leaving me. I felt lighter and it was sort of wild.

The general premise is that if we do this each time we are triggered we can start to release the weight of our past hurts, joys and sticky things that keep us from enjoying the present moment. Because truly, that is all we have anyway.

What is my point? This reminder is more for me, but perhaps you can also participate in employing ways to release some of the stickiness that keeps you weighed down. When you feel triggered, stop, observe it, see the feeling as “on you”, not a part of you, and then breathe into it and let it go. It truly does work and it feels a little like magic.

Keep going! There is light at the end of the tunnel. I promise.

Or if that seems like a lot to do on your own, consider reiki, counseling, gratitude work, acts of service, meditation, stretching, breathwork, yoga, a walk outside or whatever might clear your energy. Or if you are really wanting to go deep, learn more about yourself and your gifts through astrology or human design.

The point is, life is too short to be carrying around old stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. It keeps you stuck and not in the present moment. I know because I do it all the time.

I am not just the Hair Club President, I am also a member…

So today, on this most magical day in 166 years (see previous posts about the great Neptune and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces) I wish all of you big love, magic and transformation towards a lighter and more fluid future. Decide what to let go and what to keep carrying.


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