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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Lately I’ve gotten some new followers so I thought it might be a good time to reintroduce myself.

I am Christy Widman. About 8 years ago, my health started to tank. I developed food allergies, discovered I had SIBO and other digestive ailments that were pretty limiting and seriously depleted my energy. I researched the hell out of everything and ended up seeing multiple MDs - both traditional and functional. I had my esophagus stretched a lot. I had heartburn everyday. I was riddled with anxiety. This went on for quite a while. I restricted foods, took countless supplements, I stopped drinking and I started practicing yoga. Little things helped here and there but still I struggled. Rashes, indigestion, regurgitation, hair loss, low energy, brain fog were part of my every day. I was a wreck.

I eventually stumbled upon some energy medicine practitioners who seemed to help and also seemed to be familiar with stories like mine.

Somewhere around 2017, I found myself at the home office of a woman I had been referred to at least three times before I finally connected the dots that she was the same lady. Clearly there was a time for me to meet this woman, but only when I was ready. She did very simple things to me like poking and waving her hands around. At that point I was so desperate I did not care who she was or what she was doing. My mom came with me to serve as the scribe for what would be a full sheet of foods that didn’t agree with my body as well as a whole host of systems that were out of whack.

All of this was “whack” as far as I was concerned. But in spite of my judgment, it appears this woman helped me. A lot actually.

So I got curious. What exactly is she doing?

Full disclosure I still can’t explain it fully but she uses acupressure points, Reiki and muscle testing.

Reiki was something I understood at least. So later that year, when the opportunity arose, I took a Reiki One class.

And then my whole world changed.

That very first night my now fiancé's dad came to me while I was sleeping. He introduced himself as Eddie and was an utter delight. He has come many times since offering evidence of his presence in his family's life since his passing. He has acted as a guide and also helping me in readings to introduce spirits similar to himself. (The spirit people love to do that by the way, and I for one find it very helpful.)

This opened up a door for me that I can’t walk back through. Several times I wished I could because hey, it would be great to just be normal. If normal means a lot of wine, buried anger, anxiety, rashes and unsatisfying work...

Since then, I have seen and experienced so much magic that I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I started taking classes with my now mentor about intuitive development and spirit guides and past life regressions. I saw more and more things I couldn’t explain. I am a true skeptic so I require a lot of evidence with things unknown. I continued to train with Reiki and started seeing clients. I was introduced to Human Design and that blew my mind and became an instant passion.

And then, in the end of 2018 my mom, who was also my best friend, died very suddenly despite what would appear to be obvious health and vitality.

That shook my whole world. I quit a job that had been a natural career for me. I took another one. I learned a lot in that role but was absolutely in the wrong place. I quit that too. Neither of these were lighthearted decisions. I am not a trust fund baby and I have a family. Yet something happens when you realize you don’t “have forever“ to figure it out.

I have spent the last 6 months floating, sleeping and studying. I teach yoga. I write - a lot. As a result of my training and frequent visitors, I am a Medium. I am a dedicated student of Astrology and watch cycles occur both outside my window, in the lives of my family and friends and in the skies. I have long studied the effects of stress, trauma and other ills on the body and chronic disease. I imagine there is a means for me to weave both of those worlds together to maximize healing for those I work with. As of now, my intuition and dreams are my best tools.

My life is on a path - of that I am sure - where it will lead however I do not know.

I would love for you to read my stories.

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