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Love is in the Air!

In astrology, we look at where the stars and planets were at your time of birth to get a picture of you, the treasure map of your life if you will. Sometimes, we also take a look at where those same stars and planets are today to get a sense of what is happening in your life or how these energies might influence things more currently, or even in the past or the future. These are called transits. With transits, we tend to look at the slower moving planets like Pluto and Saturn because their impact is more profound. They move slower and take more time in the different areas of your chart.

Sometimes though, the faster planets like Mercury, Venus or the Sun also come up as important, even if their effects are shorter lived.

Yes this is dense and you may not wish to know all of this. However, I have a point coming, I promise.

The reason I started this blog is that I wanted to share evidence of love and connection beyond this existence. In keeping with that theme, I have a cool story to share with this information serving as the background information.

My baby brother got engaged over the weekend. On the fourth of July to be exact. He was what you might have called a dyed in the wool bachelor. He has however been head over heels in love for this last year which has been wonderful for him and we have all enjoyed his choice of partner. I mention this because my mother was always deeply worried about him ending up alone. Even on her death bed, she seemed to hang on a little longer until we all let her know that we would stay close and he even spoke up to say he would be OK. This seemed to ease her weary soul and she passed the next day.

As I said, he is the baby. As a mother of twins, I can’t relate to the whole baby thing but I see it and I know it is real. My mother always worried about him a little more than us.

I know that him getting engaged would have her over the moon, especially to such a kind and caring soul. Because I am overthinker (moon in Gemini, can’t help it!) I took a look at my mom’s chart. Yes, even though she is on the other side, the energy of the astrology chart still lines up. I will write another post about this one day to highlight charts of famous dead people after their passing.

Her sun was at the very top of her chart on the fourth of July, in a place called the midheaven. When the sun is there - as it is once a year, every year, it is generally a nice moment, a goal attained would fall in, or a dream realized. This is true of the sun crossing your rising sign and the other angles as well. When it crosses your rising sign (or ascendant as it is called) this is like a second birthday; a wake-up energy shot for your soul if you will! When I saw this, I smiled. I know she had a hand in this somehow. I even asked my brother why he chose that day, and he just said it was time. He was ready.

The Sun crosses my ascendant today so I felt it was a perfect time to share this little tidbit. Happy Soul birthday to me!

We are truly never alone. Our loved ones are orchestrating things, helping us, cheering us on and supporting us all the time. They are there for the celebrations and the challenges, and you can rest assured they have our backs! Talk to them, include them in things; they notice and they love it.

Curious about your chart and transits? Wondering when your soul birthday is? I would love to connect and work with you.

Feel free to share this blog as well! I love to keep sharing the love.


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