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Ring of Fire

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I was blessed enough to spend last night at an amazing third of July party. It’s a bit of a drive from home and the idea of it is daunting. Can I get a helicopter to take me there and drop me off after the party? No, Christy, you can’t. Because you’re not J Lo. I’m so sleep dependent. Anything that upsets that apple cart is something I need to seriously negotiate. However, the energy at this party is amazing and very worth it, so I go every year and will as long as I am invited.

It’s a contagious sort of party. The family that hosts it pulls out all the stops and most definitely know how to have fun. The magic they create spreads widely.

Just before the fireworks started and after the band stopped playing, we sat and watched the lake. This party is situated on one of the Finger Lakes in New York. All the houses on the lake put flares out at the shores edge at dusk on July third. It creates a ring of fire and Johnny Cash is played around the lake as this occurs. It is really something to see. One flare combines with all of the others, creating this big ring of red glowing flame around the lake.

Just one flare

Very cool from a distance and thought provoking from up close. Isn’t this us? Each, one light. Put together, we are all a big beautiful ring of fire. Light shining all around the perimeter. A force to be reckoned with. Big love all together standing at whatever boundary we decide warrants our attention.

All the flares together creating beauty and light

I invite you to explore what you are putting your energy into. Does it line up with anyone else’s energy? Anytime we mingle our missions, and align our light we will make a bigger impact. We draw ourselves to one another. We are stronger together. Who are your people? How can you make a bigger impact just by trying to find a kindred soul and make it rain with your combined love energy?

Or, are you festering in a dark place? No judgment if you are because I have been there. A lot actually. But I would ask you as I have asked myself, “Am I helping anyone here?“ Mostly if I am lingering in a dark place, that answer is a hard no. Hell in that case, I’m not even helping myself.

What light inside of you is burning, calling and seeking attention and fanning the flames of your soul? Can you share it? Is anyone else feeling your flow on this? How can you share that light inside to connect with like minded souls and find magic in work and everyday life?

These are my deep thoughts after sitting by a lake on a July evening surrounded by almost kinetic energy. We are stronger together. We can accomplish more together and we can definitely shine a lot more light together. I dare say, infinitely so. The possibilities of our combined energy reach farther than what we do on our own.

I wrote this in the dark on our ride home from the party. I was tired and knew I needed to wait to share this until the morning.

Just after I woke up, a magical friend sent a text to me and some others talking about some experiences she has been having lately with signs and opening up to intuitive moments. This led to her retelling a story of when she continually found medals with Mary on them. Randomly, on the street. And the story that goes along with these Mary medals is...

"The miraculous medal was crafted with Mary’s grace upon the world. She has 8 rings with lights coming out of them. The two that don’t have light are for the people who didn’t ask for help…. So now I try to remember to ask."

But wait, there's more. Yesterday as I was getting ready for this 3rd of July party, I was looking for my blue lapis bracelet because I like to rock a theme. This had me rifling around in a jewelry travel bag. You know, those ones that roll up and have sections. I didn't find my lapis bracelet but I did find a little medal with Mary on it. It had been from a bracelet my mother bought after my grandfather died. When she died just 6 months later, I took it. The bracelet broke but I kept the Mary medal.

My Mary medal. She may be small, but she is mighty.

THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO SHARE OUR STUFF. Yes, it was cool to find the Mary medal randomly on my own. But to have it further validated by my spiritually curious friend, sheer magic.

Also, for my sleep dependent self, my Mary medal may have been my mom urging me to put my party pants on and go have fun. She loved fun, and music, and dancing and parties. She would have loved this party immensely. (I didn't connect those dots until this morning, so thank you friend who SHARED with me.) and maybe there is someone you can share this blog with today. Someone who might need a little light.

Go shine some light. Enjoy your holiday. Follow your bliss. Connect. Be light. Whatever it is that is calling to you, feed it a little bit of energy.

Those classic lyrics were written by June Carter, not long before she married the Man in Black. Did I mention I am getting married soon? I had no idea that was the story behind "Ring of Fire." More magic moments...


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