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Do You Believe in Magic?

"Angel carry me, oh so far away.

May my body never, touch the ground.

And If I promise you that I'll be back someday,

Will you set me free so I can fly away?"

-Sugarland, "Fly Away"

Today the planet Neptune connects with the Sun. Neptune rules music, film, magic, mysticism and things like dreams. The Sun is lighting up this foggy, nebulous planet today so I thought this was a good time to talk about one of my favorite Neptune things, DREAMS.

Neptune is the soul level ruler of the Zodiac sign Cancer. So if you have strong Cancer in your chart (sun, moon, rising, or just lots of planets in that sign), Neptune is one of your most important planets. For example, I am a Cancer rising. This makes Neptune the boss of my chart. This makes sense since I am a highly sensitive person who wants to take care of my people. And, above all else, I love sleeping, mostly because that’s when I do my best work.

Now that is a magical looking planet! Source:

Dreams are 1000% a channel for Spirit to connect with you. When I say Spirit, this might mean your spirit loved ones, your higher self, your guides; basically whomever is not physically here on this plane that can and does help you along your way.

Some of you are already aware of this as you receive guidance all the time from your dreams. I hear about this in readings a lot. Other times, I have people receiving guidance in dreams who don’t believe what they see is real. Same goes for visitation dreams - these are dreams where people in your life who have passed come and say hello or offer some piece of guidance or a message. I can’t say that every time you dream of a passed loved one it is an actual visitation but things to ask yourself: How do I feel when I wake up from these dreams? Did it feel real? Do I have extra intense memories of these dreams? Most importantly, did they tell me something I needed to know? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, I say go with the notion that it was real.

Sidebar, please keep an open mind! These don’t have to be just your immediate family. I have people I didn’t know very well pop into my dreams too. Sometimes this has to do with a specific topic, for example: a person I knew from work many years ago that worked in economic development popped in just before a major development project was proposed in my backyard. He also had a message for his very much alive wife, should I happen to run into her. A little quid pro quo I suppose; we shall see how that plays out! Still others have popped in and then later I end up seeing their loved ones in my office for a reading. These might be specific examples to me because I am a medium, but trust me, you are all psychic whether you know it or not. This is not an exclusive club.

Very often people tell me that they don’t remember their dreams, or even that they don’t dream. Number one, you do dream you just maybe don’t recall them. My husband tells me he doesn’t dream but every now and again he will tell me one in the morning so I know something is going on up there. He is also a very deep sleeper, so perhaps it’s just his nature. Dreams are a natural part of our life and our bodies proper function relies on REM sleep (that’s the part of the cycle where dreams happen.)

Furthermore, the spirit loved ones I meet at readings show me all the time that they are coming to visit their people. We even have a little sign for it - it looks and feels a lot like them tapping me on my head. This is my cue that they are coming to see you, again, whether you remember it or not.

The other thing I say at least three times a week to clients is I encourage people to write their dreams down. There is something to this ritual that I think is a signal to your 'team' that you are paying attention. They are looking to connect with you in so many ways that if they get a green light - they are going to walk through that door. It might not happen immediately, but if you get serious about writing, they will start to make the connection. Sort of like anything else, what you focus on grows.

Bear in mind, it might simply arrive as guidance and intuitions, not necessarily your long lost grandmother standing in your room. Some of you wouldn’t even like that so please know, they understand how best to work with you. By setting your intention to remember your dreams, you are not necessarily inviting your passed loved ones to stand in your room at night.

If it weren’t for my dreams, I would probably not be a medium. When I first starting having these visits, I was unsure how to manage it but it was clear that something special was happening. My goal one day is to be able to talk to the deceased in my awake time the way that I can when I am asleep. In my dreams we connect much like you and I would if I saw you in Wegman’s. We talk like people do and I see them as plain as day. In my awake time, I often see them very clearly but the conversation is more feeling based, implied and inferred.

Does every dream mean something? Of course not! Some dreams are just stress dreams, decompressing the day, or based on things you encounter through the course of your life. But there are the others; those with nuggets of wisdom and closeness and those my friends are more valuable than gold.

On a week like this, with the heavy Neptunian vibes around, you might expect some intense dreams this week of all kinds. Happy sleeping!

"Let's just stay asleep

'Cause when I sleep, I still can hear you

Let's just stay asleep"

From "Mother", by Ingrid Michaelson

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