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The Energy to Change!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Mercury moved into Virgo yesterday. It will stay in Virgo until October 4th.

Why is this important? Mercury is the ruler of Virgo so that means Mercury will be super happy during this time frame. They bring out the best in each other - Mercury loves to think, communicate and share; Virgo wants it done routinely and with precision. They are like peas and carrots or peanut butter and jelly.

For all of us, this time frame is excellent for getting stuff done. Setting goals, achieving them and ultimately harvesting the fruits of your labor. This period is infusing us all with the energy to commit, create routine and deliver excellence.

Mercury will go retrograde at the end of August through mid-September. This is always a good time to revise, reflect and review where we are in life and where we want to go. With Mercury in Virgo this season’s reflection might include bulleted lists at the end of each day to get closer to those goals.

I find it interesting that Venus will turn around from her retrograde October 9. I feel like Mercury will be helping us fine tune the explorations that Venus is asking is to go on. What do we learn from Venus retrograde about what we love and how we can bring more joy into our lives?

Mercury in Virgo will help you make a list of outcomes, refine it, bullet point and edit it.

By Mid-October, we will all be clearer on what we love and value and how we want to move forward in life.

I have Virgo as the ruler of my third house meaning Mercury will be doing his extended stay there. This is the house of communication, writing, sharing and thinking. (It also rules short trips and siblings, but I’m focused on the writing parts.)

As a Mercury in Virgo challenge, I am committing to writing something everyday until it moves on to Libra. That is 67 days according to my calculations. Thing is, I love writing, and I know consistency is the key to success. I just don’t make time for it everyday. I’ll be calling on Mercury in Virgo to help me pull this off.

Care to join me in a similar quest? Wondering what feels like the vibe for you? Look to the Virgo ruled part of your chart. See if you can glean inspiration from that.

Here’s a suggested list: (as always, feel free to do what calls to you.)

First house: try a daily journaling practice or other form of self reflection

Second house: try cleaning up your spending habits or your self talk.

Third house: a daily writing practice! (Join me!)

Fourth house: declutter your home!

Fifth house: make a daily effort to play or invite some creativity. It could be as simple as using colored pens!

Sixth house: this is a great time to start daily health habits or get focused on some new project you’d like to get off the ground.

Seventh house: make a daily effort to be more present in your personal relationships.

Eighth house: is there a topic you’ve been wanting to research or learn about?

Ninth house: now is a great time to plan your next adventure!

Tenth house: double down on work (if it’s something you love). If it’s not, explore ways to call in your next great opportunity!

Eleventh house: is there a volunteer project or community you’ve been meaning to get involved with? Now is the time!

Twelfth house: have you been wanting to start a daily meditation or yoga practice? This is the perfect time to commit.

If you’re interested in following my writing project, follow me on Instagram or if you’re not a social media person (a habit I’m trying to break) sign up for my blog updates at Scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page and fill your email in to subscribe.

Can’t wait to share my stories with you! And as always, I would love to hear yours as well!



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