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Can You Hear Me Calling Out Your Name?

When I was a child, we spent Saturdays doing chores. We mostly had to clean our rooms which included dusting, vacuuming and changing our sheets. I hated changing my sheets and would therefore draw this activity out way longer than it needed to take. I had a full size bed and at age 6, I argued that I couldn't possibly reach all the corners of the bed because I was too small. "Mommmmmmmm," I would whine, "Can't you do it for me?"

Never one to respond to whining, there was generally some eye rolling followed by a hard "NO!"

Eventually I would do it but I am sure it drove her insane that I made it so hard with all my drama.

Which brings me to the present...

You know the old adage about the gardener who's lawn needs mowing? I might be able to relate to this. I am the Medium who tells you all how you need to talk to your loved ones on the other side, that they are waiting for you to connect and ask for help. And yet, I have been so busy lately, I have not been connecting with my own people.

This occurred to me earlier this week and I thought, "Duh, with all I have going on, how am I not engaging with Pat?" And so I did. It was maybe 2:30 on Tuesday afternoon, I took 5 minutes away from my desk to change my sheets, During that chore, which I am much better about, I spoke out loud to my mom. I told her some things that had been weighing on me (as if she didn't know) and I asked her for help.

Hand to God, within 45 minutes I had received a phone call from the doctor I had been trying to get in with and 3 additional people signed up for my astrology class that was taking place that night. The astrology people I think were just for effect as I already had a pretty full class. She loved astrology and would love that I was teaching a class.

I forget what a power house she was; my Scorpio mother with the Aries moon. If you gave her something to do, she knocked it out with zest and fire. She did not play around.

I have been struggling to find the right doctor for a health concern I am trying to get to the bottom of. So far, I have had four opinions and none of them line all the way up. Also, none of them feel correct to me. This doctor I am seeing now after asking for help also has a last name that is related to the moon. This immediately made me smile. Earlier today, I was leaving a meeting in another city and I saw the doctors name on a shop I passed; just further validation of this synchronicity.

Before I was required to change my sheets

The day after my big ask while changing my sheets, one of my best friends ended up having lunch with one of my mom's best friends as a result of a work event. Neither knew each other but eventually through conversation, they realized the connection.

My friend said, "Hey Christy, would you like more validation that your mom is around??"

I think she was just happy I was changing my sheets.

Thank you Pat, I love you. Happy Mother's Day! I appreciate your help and guidance, So, just a gentle reminder, talk to your people and ask them for guidance, They love the attention since they are already hard at work on your behalf.

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perfect day for this post xox

Christy Hens
Christy Hens
Apr 28, 2023
Replying to

So glad this connects today!! 💜

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