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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

I have always loved TV shows with psychics and mediums. Even radio shows back in the day caught my attention. Of course these weren’t my readings - although one time I did call in to our local AM radio show to ask a question of the late Bernice Golden - yet still these shows were always captivating. Why is listening to. someone else get a message from Spirit so compelling? I recall “Crossing Over” by John Edward. And the based on real life NBC show “Medium“ with Patricia Arquette. And of course, Theresa, The Long Island Medium. Just this morning I watched reruns of the Seat Belt Psychic Thomas John. (Yes, still in my big comfy recliner.) These shows always warm my heart and give me chills. I will admit that I watch them now with more of an inquisitive eye, more looking at their style and approach since I know only how my process works and what I’ve been taught.

Full disclosure, I would not be able to drive and read for people since I close my eyes a lot during readings. That would be an unsafe practice so Thomas is even more impressive to me.

What I find compelling is that all mediums have their own way. We all receive messages differently. I see a lot in my head, feel stuff all the time and less often I hear, taste or smell things. Sometimes I even have dream visits in advance from spirit people that are connected to readings I have coming up. I do not always know who they belong to, but I know when the time comes I will recognize them when they show up again during readings. One time I even saw signs on the way to a reading that I knew would resurface at game time. I don’t know how I knew, I just did. And I used to sweat the details but now I just notice, make mental note and know it will come up when I need it to.

One time, while I was still doing readings for my training program, I was visited the night before from a young man with light hair and light eyes. He seemed desperately sad. On the way to the readings I had booked the next day, I also noticed a car with a license plate that read “twinflame.“ Mentally noted. At the readings, the young man came up again for one woman who he shared a challenging relationship with and the twin flame concept came up for another sitter who had lost her husband. His messages were for her to continue to live with the zest she had lived with him and that he would always be at her side. It was breathtaking. These are things that I can’t manufacture. Spirit drops the bread crumbs and I just keep following them.

I am the kind of person who notices everything. My mom used to call me microscope eyes when I was young as I inspected my food for fat or other abnormalities. This is also funny because my eyes are real bulgy. I was once likened to a Boston Terrier by a coworker. Again, I digress. My point is that I think Spirit finds whatever ways that will resonate with each medium or channel in order to get the messages out. I also keep a dream journal so reaching me while I sleep is also a solid bet.

Some of the more seasoned vets I watch on tv get first names. Some see spirit people as plain as day. Both of those things seldom occur for me, at least not while I am awake. I also know other Mediums who have been reading for years and they won’t say names and some don’t see people in real time. It is a very unique thing and so personalized so I love to watch and am always learning.

Earlier I asked why listening to other people’s readings is so compelling. This is my take on that:

Very often Spirit delivers messages for other people that will feel very much like they are meant for us.

As with all things Spirit does, there are no coincidences. If you’re at a platform reading, or watching a show and something totally lands for you even if it was given to someone else, take it. There is a reason you are hearing the message. Consider it a gift without the financial investment or needing to leave your home or put pants on.

Also, and it goes without saying, I think we are all often looking for evidence of the life beyond, for validation of those little moments of knowing and glimpses we get that tell us just maybe there is something more to all of this.

So next time you watch one of these shows, notice the way the people getting the reading look and feel after their visit. They walk straighter and often look lighter, younger and happier than when they started. That feeling is available to all of you. Reach out to your loved ones. Wait for signs and be open. Know that whatever guilt or heaviness you feel is not something they wish for you.

Here‘s my last thoughts on this topic, if you think and feel your loved ones are with you, they are. If you dream about them and you wake up crying or with such clear recollection that you feel like they visited you, they probably did. They want you to talk to them. They want you to keep living your best life and experience all that there is to do here on Earth. They are cheering you on and offering assistance whenever they can. Love is eternal and love lives on.

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