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Happy Birthday Buffalo Bills!

Astrology nerd that I am, I had to look at the astrological birth chart for the Buffalo Bills. And yes, I already had it in my computer because of my obsession with finding Josh Allen’s birth time. (I still don’t have that, so if anyone knows, please share!) But I digress, let’s “Digg in” shall we?

The Sun was at 4 degrees of Scorpio when the Bills were incorporated (aka time of birth for a sports team.) Mars, the warrior planet, was also at 4 degrees of Scorpio that day. This is magical for several reasons but to translate Astro speak to real terms - Scorpios are tenacious, driven and passionate. Like a dog with a bone, they can be relentless and sometimes are known to hold a grudge. Mars is the warrior energy and is also a ruling planet for Scorpio. This makes Mars extra special to the Bills’ chart and in real talk, when Mars is right next to the Sun in a chart, whether you are a person or a sports team, these are some words that come to mind:

  • Energetic

  • Heroic

  • Courageous

  • Fierce

  • Fearless

  • Driven

  • Passionate

  • Dominant

  • Ferocious

This combination of Mars and the Sun is hard to ignore. Think command presence, masculine mojo and passion (oops, did I say that already?). Picture having the God of War infused into your personality self, and I think we are on the same page.

The moon was in Virgo the day the Bills were ‘born’. Venus, the lover of the zodiac, was at 18 degrees of Virgo that day which puts it right next to the Bills’ moon. Virgo loves to work, to structure things and to make things right. They make lists and clean up their space. Venus being next to the moon adds the compassion, the values and the caring gene - the love of neighbor, and foe, as history has proven. Sure the Bills will run you over on the field, but we will also give money to your team’s charities to soften the blow. Think Andy Dalton, and countless others. And when Bills fans want to help you, they go above and beyond. Think, Hunter’s Hope, the Patricia Allen fund and so many others over the 63-year history of the team.

Since I don’t know what time the Bills officially became incorporated, we don’t know the true rising sign or some other specifics. But we do know a fair amount without the time.

The Bills have Saturn in Capricorn. This again is a very strong position for them based on rulerships but in real talk, this is the placement of someone who may have had setbacks early in life but they rebound through hard work, dedication and resilience to become experts in their field. Saturn is in harmony with the Sun and Mars, therefore you could say the hard work ethic lends itself to the warrior nature of the Buffalo Bills. To quote Marv Levy, “No one circles the wagons better than the Buffalo Bills.” Amen, Marv, amen.

I left my favorite part for last: the Bills have Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and growth, good fortune and light. Jupiter is happy in Sagittarius because that’s its home sign, it’s hometown if you will. This makes for an inspirational, optimistic energy. There is a natural vibe of goodness attracting more goodness. Yes, Sean McDermott we see you. This team just buzzes with harmony so this feels really lovely to me.

The best part is that Jupiter in the sky will be in Aries in early 2023. Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs and towards the end of January 2023, Jupiter in Aries will shine its lucky loving benefic light on the Bills Jupiter in Sagittarius. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

I could say more but I won’t say more because I promised my husband we would “trust the process.”

Long and short, this is the energy of our Buffalo Bills. Hardworking, optimistic, loving, ferocious, tenacious, driven and resilient. Happy birthday to the team and to the 12th (wo)man, those who love the Bills the most!

PS If you are interested in learning more, I have two previous articles about the Bills!

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