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Happy Birthday Josh Allen!

Updated: Apr 30

Quartback's birthday
The birthday boy all smiles! AP Photo/ Jeffrey T. Barnes

If you are in the Bills Mafia, you know Josh is our leader. If you are not, I invite you to learn a little about a really remarkable young man. He turns 27 years old today.

Josh has his sun at zero degrees of Gemini with a Cancer moon. He has Pluto opposite his Sun. I do not know what time he was born although I have been speculating and pondering long enough, I think it was early in the morning on a Tuesday.

“Tuesday’s child is full of grace.” This was in a children’s book of poetry my mom used to read to me. I was always more concerned with Thursday’s child because that was my day. Evidently, Thursday’s child has far to go, which in fairness seems spot on as I look back. Even as little children we are looking for evidence that we are on the right path.

But as always, I digress.

If you have watched Josh Allen play football, you know he is relentless, powerful and passionate. He takes risks and makes plays that are unbelievable. He finds a way to get things done and if that means leaping over 300-pound men to do it, then that is what he does.

This is a classic example of someone with their Sun opposite Pluto. It makes for a powerful person, full of dynamic energy who will experience and grow through massive transitions in life. They can intimidate people without even trying because on some level, others sense the power that resides deep within this person. Because these planets are in opposition, there is a need to balance the deep power with the personal identity; to integrate the shadow into the light. I too have this aspect in my chart so I can relate very deeply to Josh. He does a much better job of working with this than I do. I have long feared my own power and therefore when I see someone like Josh throwing down on the field every week, stepping into his tremendous power, I am riddled with anxiety for him. Therefore, I color in adult coloring books during Bills games.

Josh is a Gemini which makes him full of personality, charisma and curiosity. Gemini people like to ask questions, make friends of strangers and make connections. He also has his Gemini Sun at zero degrees which explains his willingness to take risks and do things that make me anxious. (See the previous post: We Go Together for more on this phenomenon which is also in Coach Sean McDermott’s birth chart.)

Josh Allen in his element

But let’s talk about that Cancer moon. This is what we love about Josh and what makes every woman over 40 in the greater Buffalo area want to take care of him. This guy cares very deeply. He loves his family, whether that is his family of origin, his teammates or his Bills mafia family. When Josh is sad, we are sad. When Josh wins, we all love him. When he has a bad day, we all feel it. He wears his heart on his sleeve and takes everything in and personalizes it.

We support his causes, and he backs us up. Everything is a family operation to the person with their moon in Cancer. They want to take care of their people and they feel most at home in a tribe of their choosing.

I think back to last winter when Damar Hamlin went down on the field and the whole world watched in horror trying to understand what was happening. The one image that sticks out in my mind from that terrifying night is Josh’s face and the fear and sadness that he emanated. That is the Cancer Moon at work; someone from his tribe was in trouble and he wore that pain on his sleeve.

One day when I am finally blessed with Josh’s real birth time, I will have so much more to say about timing and what is on the horizon for our friend Josh. However, since this is his birthday, I can say some things about that.

Each year, we have something called a solar return. Without getting technical, it basically sets up a mini forecast for the year ahead based on the chart of the day.

There are three planets at zero degrees today which will stay in Josh’s chart all year. The Sun, Mars and Pluto are all at zero degrees. This translates into Josh having a very physical, powerful year ahead. This also a time of self-discovery for him and evolution is on the menu for sure. Both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini today which makes this a time ripe for planting seeds for new directions and growth. It is the start of a new cycle for sure. Jupiter is conjunct the North Node, so this also makes for expansion for future direction and a time to move out of one’s comfort zone. (Does Josh even have a comfort zone?)

All in all, whatever this year brings, the Bills Mafia loves them some Josh Allen. He is a part of our extended family and we have his back for sure. Happy Birthday to you Josh! Thank you for the feeling of community you create, the entertainment and leadership you provide and for leading with your great big heart. Go Bills!

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