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We Go Together

What makes a great partnership? Learn through exploring Josh Allen and Sean McDermott's astrology charts! Today we are talking football!

You May Say I am a Dreamer...

Do you let signs guide you on your path? When I first started studying mediumship, we had to agree to do 40 readings for free. I was like, well this was short lived. Not doing it. There is no way I can do that. I was ready to quit before I started. Yet somehow I kept going. One day, with about 15 readings under my belt, it occurred to me to offer a reading day. I would have a day at the office where I offered reiki and just do readings for as many people as would come. It wo

Feels Like the First Time

It makes me wonder how important the power of our thoughts really is. Are we selling ourselves short? I am going to say YES to that all day.

Magic Moments: Day 10

Today was a busy day for me. The magic included two hawks circling and flying together while I drove to meet a client. When I started the chart reading for the client, which has been the trend of late, we have a lot of chart elements the same. In the past month, I have probably had at least 5 clients who share my birth day or who share major planetary placements. It is cool, likely not a coincidence but I am not totally sure why this has been the trend. I appreciate it all t

Magic Moments: Day 9

What do I hear ? "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles - a classic song of the other side - we think they are gone, they are saying hello all day

How Soon is Now?

I sat with my arms folded, averting her eyes. Yes, because I was cold but also because I was not trying to get her attention. If she couldn’t see me, she couldn’t talk to me. If she talked to me, it might make it real. And if it was real, she was really gone. The date was December 14, 2018. I sat in a boutique shop with my daughter on a sofa that was reminiscent of something you might find in a bridal store waiting room; think very velvet, wooden and curvy. I hadn’t been too

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