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The Road Less Traveled

I went a different way to the yoga studio today. I always take the same way which is, in my humble opinion, the smartest way. It avoids lights and minimizes turning.

Today I went a different way.

As I went along the new way, I saw a woman up ahead crossing at the light. She reminded me of a woman I know from the yoga studio. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She’s quite intuitive and she is a healer as I recall. It was someone else but she definitely made me think of the woman from the studio.

I turned into a parking lot nearby and spotted an elderly woman in culottes wearing Buffalo Bills socks up to her knees. She was pointing at me. In an unspoken way she let me know not to wait for her, sort of wagging her finger with an irritated "get moving and don't worry about me" look. The socks, at her age, gave me life. Her pointing at me, reminded me of my grandmother. I think my grandmother would wear Buffalo Bills knee socks if she had them when she was alive. She definitely would not be comfortable with someone watching and waiting for her to cross the parking lot.

I walked into the yoga studio and checked the class roster. The intuitive healer woman I haven’t seen in a while was signed up. "How weird" I thought and smiled.

During savasana, I saw a chickadee in my mind's eye. Coincidence? Hmmm...

It is my belief that doing things differently every now and again is how we bring on bigger changes and call in new energy. Lately I have been trying to wear different jewelry, clothes I haven’t worn in a while, this sort of thing. Today it was the drive to yoga.

Energy moves in patterns and habits. It needs room to move and change.

Baby steps I say. Start mixing things up and see what happens next.

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