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Magic Moments: Day 10

Today was a busy day for me. The magic included two hawks circling and flying together while I drove to meet a client. When I started the chart reading for the client, which has been the trend of late, we have a lot of chart elements the same. In the past month, I have probably had at least 5 clients who share my birth day or who share major planetary placements. It is cool, likely not a coincidence but I am not totally sure why this has been the trend. I appreciate it all t

Magic Moments: Day 9

What do I hear ? "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles - a classic song of the other side - we think they are gone, they are saying hello all day

Magic Moments: Day 8

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. You may send a text today, or smile at one person and it may impact their entire life forever.

Magic Moments: Day 5

Today was a quiet day. Lots of magic to be found in what is technically a winter's day in New York state with temperatures in the 70's and robust, beautiful sunshine. Just being outside today was sheer joy. I drove home from Ithaca today and took in the scenery of Cayuga Lake. The water was aglow with blues and greens and reminded me of the dream I had the night prior where I was flying. In my dream, there were water parks and water for miles, and I flew above that water, jus

Against the Wind

As I was taught, Spirit never wastes a message. There were similarities in what I delivered for this client and two others, and myself.

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