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Magic Moments: Day 3

Today was an interesting day! I am on a road trip so I suspected there would be some new things in my path today and truth be told, the road did not disappoint.

Here is a sampling:

  1. I saw so many hawks along the road that I lost count. (Hawks are my totem animal, so I love seeing them.)

  2. I saw a dog got hit by a car - that was not magical. There was a hawk perched in the tree however while I looked for the dog on the side of the road. That's a story for another day.

  3. But here, on day 3, I will share the most magical thing that happened today. I am cruising down the highway and my aunt calls to tell me she received her save the date card for my wedding this summer. She asked where it is being held, and I told her. (For background, it is currently an event center on the shores of Lake Erie but was formerly owned by the Catholic Diocese as a home for retired nuns.) She said, "Did you know that your dad and your Uncle (her husband) used to go there in the summers to put the buoys out for the nuns?" Ummm.... "What now? Did you say nuns and buoys?" "Yes! They would put the buoys out for the nuns to swim in the summer." Well, I can tell you all that NO I did not know that... and hearing that made my whole day. I love the synchronicity of course that my Dad as a young man swam a bunch of buoys out in the lake so the retired nuns could frolic and swim in a place I would later get married. If you had asked me yesterday about what I might write about, neither nuns or buoys would be on my list of guesses.

And that is your Day 3 Magic Moments report.

Keep looking for magic - because it is out there and it is looking for you!

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