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Magic Moments: Day 2

Since today was the first official day I was "looking" for magic, it had an all around different feel. How would I know? What moments felt the most magical? Classic magic-ruining overthinking was in full effect.

Here are the things I found magical today:

  1. I woke up mid-dream. I was hanging out with my parents at what should've been my Dad's second funeral although he was very much present. We were hanging together on the couch talking about how we both have Mercury in Pisces - hence our overtly sensitive nervous systems. It was lovely to see him.

  2. There was a feather on the floor in the hallway. Yes I am sure it was from someone's jacket or a pillow, but who cares?

  3. I watched a big red tailed hawk fly over my house. Magic to me, maybe not to you.

  4. I ate an apple today which triggered an allergy attack. I talked about it at yoga tonight and this led to sharing with a student about her newly developing allergies. I think I was helpful to her and it certainly made her feel less alone.

  5. I think this is the winner however: As a result of posting the blog about my bubblehead and food allergies, a friend reached out to connect me with another friend of hers who appears to have a similar health history. I did reach out and based on her website, this woman could possibly be my soul sister. We have not spoken yet but I am eager to make her acquaintance and hear her story.

I mean COME ON! We are whistling the same tune.

Stay tuned! Day 3 magic coming soon.

Keep looking for magic - because it is out there and it is looking for you!

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