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Magic Moments: Day 4

Day two away from home. Hard to predict where the magic might show up.

I woke from a flying dream which is always the coolest.

Then we walked to breakfast this morning and I saw a sundog (aka a rainbow around the sun). Up with the hawks, it will always be one of my favorite things.

While we were at breakfast, I ordered a second cup of tea, because they had Paris... the Harney & Sons teas that I forgot I loved. I usually can only do caffeine once a day but today, I splurged and I was ok. And let me tell you, it is just as delicious as I forgot.

And then, on the way home from breakfast we stopped for water at a gas station. Outside there was a man who appeared homeless as he had a full cart of empties, sandwich rolls and assorted bags filled with I don't know what. While we waited for one cousin to buy the water, the other cousin went and put cash inside the man's cart and tucked it in one of his bags. He was also inside the store at that moment so the magic was that he might be filled with delight upon finding the cash later, and know that his angels have his back.

I am not going to assign where the magic was today. You get to choose your own adventure.

Peace be with you all. xoxo

Good night. Until tomorrow, keep seeking the magic.

The sundog aka rainbow halo around the sun

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Peggy M
Peggy M
Mar 07, 2022

Christy, I love this format! No matter how busy I am I always have time to read these precious words.

Christy Hens
Christy Hens
Mar 08, 2022
Replying to

I kind of love it too! Thank you for saying that. 🙏🏼

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