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Magic Moments: Day 9

Today's magic came in spurts. Another day waking from a magical dream with my Mom. A walk to the beach. Cleaning my bathroom. The songs that played as the back drop to my day.

Sun halo on my walk today - never gets old

Other scenes from the walk to the beach...

One person's garbage, another person's fortune cookie

No caption needed

I started writing another blog post about my Mom and the continued theme of dreams I have been having about her. What do I hear on Pandora while I was writing? "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles - a classic song of the other side - we think they are gone, they are saying hello all day long.

Then I am cleaning out my bathroom for a pending remodel. This was found in the bottom of the drawer.

This was my day. Little blips of joy and magic all along the way. Just depends what you are looking for.

Until tomorrow... Keep looking for the magic. It's always looking for you.

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