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Magic Moments: Day 6

Today I spent most of the day in a hospital waiting room. Where am I going to find magic in the hospital I asked myself?

When you are on your path, the way becomes clear and is showered in so much light.

I was there to take my friend for surgery so a lot of the day I was alone. I had my laptop and was able to work on some things I have been meaning to get done. I am often easily distracted so I might say the required focusing was just the magic I needed today. When I am home, I get distracted by laundry, the dogs, whatever else comes up.

My airpods were not connecting to my laptop so I rebooted. It took a long time to restart which was weird. When it came back on, it created these new files for things it had moved. It was saved at 2:22. Ok, I see you.

I kept working. I got an email from someone I had been waiting impatiently to hear from. It came in at 4:44.

I finally went back to sit with my friend. She was in bed 33. Before her procedure, she was in bed 22. It was getting silly really.

Then I remembered when I was in the shower this morning, I asked the angels for support today, for my friend and her procedure and for myself, to help me stay centered and focused today. Boom.

Some people consider repeating numbers to be angel numbers, or signs from your angels. I say whatever catches your attention and makes you take note, is a sign, regardless of what it is.

Just a little validation to know that when you ask, you will be heard.

What was I working on?

My astrology homework. I love it so much and yet, due to my usual lack of focus, I don't often sit and get it all done. I will take this as my sign to keep on this path, the one that makes me so happy and able to get lost in my work.

Repeated numbers are often considered angel numbers. At the very least, I consider them a sign of being on the right path.

Until tomorrow, keep seeking the magic. It is most certainly seeking you, no matter where you are.

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