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Three Times a Lady

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

You can rest assured that your loved ones on the other side are not only with you all the time, no matter where you go, but that they are guiding and cheering you on along the way.

Why do things always seem to happen in threes? People die in threes they say, having noticed this pattern myself many times I am probably not alone with that one. Symbols and signs show up in threes too. The other day I had the pleasure of watching two bald eagles playfully flying through the sky. It was a windy afternoon at the beach, and they seemed to be gracefully riding the currents. It was breathtaking. Later, on my way home from the beach, there was another third bald eagle flying over the creek as I drove past. Beautiful.

Last weekend I saw two different and striking moths over the weekend. These were not your run of the mill moths - these were museum caliber - perhaps even Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs caliber. I took notice, of course, because that is what I do. Moths symbolically are very similar to butterflies in that they represent vast change, metamorphosis and emergence from a cocoon or evolutionary state of being. Then, Friday night as I was getting ready for bed and waiting for my dog Duffy to come in from outside, I saw he was caught up with something on the patio. I went outside to check on him and low and behold he was sniffing at a monarch butterfly who looked like it just came out of its chrysalis. The third moth-like creature in a week making an obvious appearance.

Moth #1 enjoying a coneflower

Moth #2

The moths and butterfly happened to bookend my week; a week that ended with me stepping WAY outside of my comfort zone by participating in a metaphysical fair offering mediumship and intuitive readings. Gulp, yes, in public, where literally anyone could see me. While I have been working as a medium for a couple of years now, I haven’t really stepped into the spotlight with this. Were these harbingers of the correct timing of this emergence to take place? Maybe. I will also point out that my 3’s are coming first as 2, and then later as one more to seal the deal if you will.

In astrology, major planetary transits happen in threes - even fives sometimes. If you are in the middle of a Pluto transit for example, which will end up in a major overhaul of whatever aspect of your life it is touching, that continued repeat of the pattern is not great news. There can be a lot of pain in these transitions for sure. However, while these transits are disruptive, they are for your soul’s growth and evolution. Pluto throws “whatever it is” into its hot fire and what remains is the most essential and important parts to take with you. These transitions take the time they take however, like pretty much everything else in life and they occur as the planets in question switch between direct and retrograde movement. This does not occur because they are trying to ruin your mojo, but because that is the natural order of things. There is literally no way to stay the exact same without some level of rebellion or illness on the part of your body or spirit.

The third time is a charm they say, three is company. The father, son, and holy spirit. Most stories and experiences have a beginning, a middle and an end. Most people eat three meals a day. There are three primary colors that comprise the foundation of all other colors. Three colors on traffic lights. The “rule of three” is a key element for entertaining readers in writing and storytelling resulting in three blind mice, three little pigs and even Goldilocks needed three beds to find the right one. Three is all around. Does it mean anything? I can’t say. But for me, when it comes to symbols, if I see something like a bald eagle three times or another animal shows up three times, I take notice. I believe nature doesn’t make mistakes so if it occurs outside in the wild, I will 100% pay attention.

Which takes me back to the “fair.” I had committed to participate somewhere between moth #2 and the butterfly. I was having major apprehension about this, my public debut if you will, and I will say that seeing that butterfly just before bed the night before the show eased my mind quite a bit. In retrospect, I had a fascinating dream the week before this opportunity arose where Spirit showed me the way it works on their end. They set these meetings up between the mediums and their loved ones. They gently steer their loved ones to go where and to whom they want them to go to receive their messages. This dream, which could be entirely “just a dream”, has made me seriously question my marketing budget. If by some stroke of magic this is all orchestrated by Spirit, I don’t need to work that hard to attract clients, the clients will come to me. Either way, it was fascinating and a further indication to just go with the flow and allow the natural order of things.

I did maybe 10 readings on Saturday and as always, Spirit provided me with people whose messages are totally relatable to me in the space and place I am in each time. This literally happens ALL THE TIME. It is even the case, that if I am doing a platform or group style reading, people in the room will resonate with messages that come through, even if it is not from their loved one and even if they don’t know the people in the room with them. These people I talked to on Saturday were both men and women, young and old. Their messages absolutely overlapped. I am trying not to overanalyze it all, but as always, I am simply looking for the pattern and the natural order of things. Basically, what is the message because there are no coincidences. We are all receiving nudges and signs all the time as guidance and validation on our path whether we pay attention or not.

The most often delivered messages at the fair were as follows:

  • Your body is your wisdom; you are sensitive to your environment and everything in it. Find a way to get back to letting your body be in charge through some grounding and embodying practices like breathwork, yoga and meditation. Don’t let your head lead you, that is the job of the heart.

  • Do not let anyone tell you that you are too sensitive or too anything else. These are your superpowers. Know that your body is always pointing you in the right direction.

  • You can rest assured that your loved ones on the other side are not only with you all the time, no matter where you go, but that they are guiding and cheering you on along the way. They want you to live your best life while you are here.

  • They also don’t like to dwell on the death and illness part, they prefer to remember the fun and good times. And so should you.

  • Ask people in your life for help with your stuff. It really does take a village.

There were so many overlaps that I felt compelled to share because I hate to waste a lesson or opportunity to help someone else. Maybe these messages will land for you as well.

What can I tell you about threes? Nothing concrete, that is for sure, just my own observations. I can tell you that for me, when things happen in threes, for example, I see the same animal three times, I pay close attention. I would invite you to do the same and see what comes next.

Sidenote, I did my first draft of this article before bed last night. In the middle of the night, I woke up and sneezed three times. Dave rolled over and mid slumber said, “Three times a lady.” This made me smile and I knew I would not sneeze again and I quickly fell back asleep. Again, thank you Spirit for your great sense of humor, vast intelligence and your constant support. We are truly never alone.

The more you notice, the sooner you will find your way. xoxo

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Caitlin Muelder
Caitlin Muelder
Aug 03, 2021

Even though I was not at the fair, nor did I have a personal reading, the messages you shared resonated with me, particularly about our loved ones always being with us and rooting us on. Thank you for sharing your insights and beautiful words and experiences. May all of our ongoing metamorphoses be liberating and empowering even if at first we feel like we are covered in cocoon goop. 😊

Christy Hens
Christy Hens
Aug 03, 2021
Replying to

I am so glad to hear this!! And yes, cocoon goop can take a few moments to wipe away. Patience is required. ❤️

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