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Get Out of Your Own Way

“You have so many tools, why don’t you use them?”

I was at yoga the other night. I was attending as a student rather than the teacher which was actually quite lovely. It was a great practice, seemingly exactly what I needed that evening and we ended with a meditation. During meditation, I had a visitor. She looked like Strega Nona from that classic children’s book, small yet forceful, most definitely not someone you would tell no. I knew without a doubt that she belonged to the teacher who is also one of my dearest friends.

She was showing me things, things that my friend needed to do. “Use her hands,” I heard. I saw big sweeping motions with her hands, and as she did, it left a streak of sparkling light; think the tail of Haley’s comet or maybe the tail on the logo of “The More you Know,” commercials we endured as kids.

She showed my friend in the kitchen, making things. Food, sure, but also teas, tinctures, potions.

“She has so many tools, why doesn’t she use them?” This is what I heard in my brain from Strega Nona.

She showed me that she sits with my friend at night and was helping her sleep. There was more but that was the gist of the visit. And since that day, I have heard her in my head more than once daily. Strega Nona got me thinking.

I am a trauma certified yoga teacher and a Reiki master, I have a master’s degree in public health, I have read more books and articles on stress, trauma and the biology of both than I can count. I am trained to use breath, work with the vagus nerve, energy medicine and more to help relieve stress and down regulate the nervous system. But it is not uncommon for me to sit in a triggered state for DAYS sometimes, not wanting to tap into my own toolbox.

Well thanks to Strega Nona, I dipped into my toolbox yesterday. I did some vagal nerve breathing, I listened to a binaural beat recording I had on my phone and went to the gym. I felt better just from the breathing, but I decided to really seal the deal. At the end of it, I felt great. The crazy making thoughts were still in my head sure, but I was regulated. It was better.

When I shared my visitation with my friend, she reported that this was her grandmother and that she had seen her in meditations of late and another person also mentioned they saw her with her. (Yes, we have friends like that.) Grandma is holding my friend close right now and regardless of the messages she offered, I find this to be the most sweet and reassuring part of all.

I asked her if she was sleeping better and she said that yes, she had, just since Christmas. I said, well that is Grandma so you should thank her. She said she sat down to thank her, and instantly smelled roses. That is a sign that she recognizes as her grandmother already.


I have several points with this post:

1) Your people are with you. ALWAYS. They are trying to help, provide support, guidance and love. They also know when you talk to them, so indulge them. And then, expect more interaction with them, which truly is nothing short of magical.

2) We all have tools in our toolbox that we likely don’t use. Maybe for you it is asking someone for help, or taking a walk in nature, or reading a favorite book or bingeing a favorite show. Cooking, napping, coloring, whatever your thing is, you know you have resources. I know I do. And I need reminders at time to use them for myself. Thank you, Strega Nona.

3) When you feel your people around you whether that is a smell, a dream, a vision during meditation, a heads-up dime, a feather in your path, whatever makes you think of them - they are there. Truly there is no need to doubt their presence because they are there. They know what you are up to, they know what you need and truly, they could be one of the best tools in your toolbox.

4) Yoga is a great way to wake your intuition and connect with your higher self (and others if you are interested.) I am actually thinking of creating a class to combine yoga and deepening your intuition - if that is interesting, please let me know.

5) And lastly, we are all connected. Perhaps you have heard this one from me before since I am a bit of a broken record. Grandma’s message helped me a lot this week. And my hope in sharing, is that it might help you too. And she was just trying to help her beloved Granddaughter. When we help ourselves, we help each other. And when we help each other, we all thrive. So bust out your toolbox, fix your stuff and just by being you, you will help everyone around you.

I wish you all a happy healthy New Year! Remember, it is just a date but oh so symbolic. What can you release - or add - that will serve you better in 2022? This is the concept. Every day is a new opportunity to do the same thing, but none are as celebrated as this moment. For the record, I do not do resolutions, I like to think about what I can add to my life versus what I can leave behind. And I also don’t support restriction. Live your life, wear your party pants, eat the cake. And then, if you need to, bust out your toolbox and tend to your needs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Thank you for reading my stuff!It makes me happy and hopefully, some of what I say inspires you to share with others.


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