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Every Little Thing She Does is Magic...

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of my blog. Since last August, I wrote 29 articles and had a total of 787 views, or an average of 27 reads per article. (I am still a data nerd at the end of the day.) The most read article is “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide” which was the story of how I ended up doing mediumship work in the first place. I will note that this one had the most reads because I actually shared it with people rather than just posting it and hoping for the best.

A year later, a lot has changed. My rotator cuff is in tip top shape for one thing after my surgery last fall. I am no longer working in the corporate job I was in when this blog started. In fact, I am not working at all in a traditional sense as I attempt to plot my next move and figure out what will truly make my heart sing as well as pay the bills. I delivered messages at the stump in Lilydale - twice even! I am renting space to offer reiki and readings and attempting to grow and cultivate that space and practice. I did my first psychic fair in July and met fascinating people, both vendors and clients. I am teaching yoga in a studio for the first time since Covid. I fell in a deep hole with astrology and don’t know if I will ever find my way out, or if I even want to because I love it so much.

And yet…

I do most of this work, except for the yoga, quietly and in a controlled fashion. Since I started my first reiki training in 2017, I have been sort of closeted with this work. My professional background is rooted in science; evidence-based science focused largely on public health, health inequities and traditional medicine. My big worry has been that as my science colleagues find out about my work in the spiritual realms, that I would no longer be taken seriously and that my reputation would be shot potentially eliminating future job roles in that space. This is totally not living in the now by the way, which is the way I would like to be living.

Additionally, I still care very much about public health and coming up with solutions to help allay the effects of chronic disease in our communities, especially since it has roots in trauma and racism amid other things.

Lately however, I have been thinking there is a way to merge these worlds, to bridge the science and the mystical. Without most of those involved knowing it, these fields already overlap. The shamans and the psychiatrists are talking about the same things, they just give them different names. The shaman refers to “soul retrieval” which involves collecting the missing and cast off bits of one’s soul through journeying while the psychiatrist talks about “internal family systems” and exiled parts of our personalities. Despite any arguments to the contrary, it’s the same stuff. In time, I believe we will eventually all get to the same place and when we do, I would like to a part of that team.

How can I work on all of this together? I truly do not have it figured out yet. From my perspective, I have had enough experiences through readings, precognitive dreams and “not coincidences” to stop doubting myself. There is important work to be done on both sides of this fence. There are opportunities for one on one and small group healing to be had through encounters with Spirit. There are also holes so big you could drive a truck through them in our healthcare space.

Spotted while walking the dogs. By local unknown artist. Truest thing ever written.

In the essence of working on what I can actually control, I have a plan. Let's review the facts. This blog was born on August 19, 2020, sometime in the afternoon as I recall. This makes it a Leo sun with a Virgo moon and likely a Scorpio rising. I wish I had fallen in my astrology hole last summer so I would have paid better attention to such things. If my blog were a person, their Leo Sun conjunct Mercury which would make for someone who is meant to be a creative leader, to step into the light and shine from their heart through their words and messages. They would have an active mind and love to share what they learn. Their Virgo moon would give them an eye for detail, an appreciation for order, and capacity for deep healing. Their Scorpio rising would give them an air of power and mystery. They would want to go deep but are also very private. Their third house of communication would be home to Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This energy would make for expansive, powerful, hardworking, creative thinking and sharing through writing.

I mean, come on. That IS my blog if I do say so myself.

It occurred to me in the middle of the night that my intention when I started this blog was to share my magical moments and stories with others in hopes that they might share their stories with me and all our readers. Through our stories of connection and ‘not coincidences’, we would build a body of anecdotal evidence to support the theory that we are not alone, that there is more to life than just this one we are living, that miracles occur every day and that love never dies. No big deal, right? I know in my heart that this love and magic is exactly what the world needs right now.

So now for the PLAN! What I intend to do with year two of this blog, is to grow that part and step into the Leo parts, being in front rather than hiding in the shadows. I want to start collecting and sharing stories from this community. I know you have stories like mine. Are you willing to share? It can be anonymous of course to protect your identity and reputation. I want to hear from you! In full disclosure, I am trying to figure out a way you can post right to the website but in the interim, send me emails at (Or click on the contact button on the page - that works too!) If you don’t want to write them, let’s find a way to connect and I will summarize your story for the group. Also, I want to expand the reach of this group. Are there others who might like to hear magical stories like this? To quote America (the band) from long ago, YOU CAN DO MAGIC! Go ahead and share! And truly, enough about me, I want to hear from you. xoxo

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