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Magic Moments: Day 13

I woke up early today, before the cardinal even started singing. Full disclosure, I am not a morning person so I have no tale of the sunrise or any other wonders to share with you. Needless to say, I had a rough first half of my day. My anxiety was high and I was tired.

Well, that doesn't sound magical now does it?

The magic started to happen after I started noticing things. I always feed the birds and as a rule, I find I get the usual suspects in my yard. Yes, I may watch the birds a little too closely but I can tell you we haven't had a lot of robins yet. They have been in the neighborhood off and on all winter but I can't recall seeing one in my yard as yet. Just before lunch, I was in the kitchen and I saw a big old robin hopping around on my patio. Now, this is a very common bird and this alone is not magic I realize. The magic part is that I noticed the robin. It seemed to catch my attention for some reason. I thought, it would be cool if the robin ends up being my bird messenger today.

Later, when I was in my office, I pulled a card from my bird deck. Of course it was the robin. The card basically said new opportunities were on the way. Robins signal spring, so it makes sense, right? The cool part for me was just the noticing. Why did a robin stand out to me today of all days? (This is where half of you will think I am a nutter.) This, however, is how signs work friends. When something ordinary or unusual catches your eye in just the right way, it's highly possible it's a sign. And even better, you don't have to be looking for anything in particular, just be open to what you notice.

So what? I saw a robin. Well, after that happened, I also received an invitation to help promote my blog (YAY!), I got a request for a job interview and I was asked to share my dream stories for someone writing a book about psychic dreaming. And then when I took the dogs for a walk, we found feathers. I am not saying they are from a robin but they were definitely in the color family so I can't rule it out either.

Duffy my magic investigator is checking out today's find

Also of note, the sun was conjunct the midheaven in my chart today. Essentially, any time the sun is conjunct one of the angles of your chart (midheaven, ascendant, IC or descendant) it is thought to be an auspicious day.

Maybe this is all a bunch of coincidences and I am just a girl with an active imagination and too much time on her hands. Maybe. I will chalk it up to magic however. My way makes me happier.

Until tomorrow, keep noticing! The magic is out there and looking for you!

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