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Magic Moments: Day 10

Today was a busy day for me. The magic included two hawks circling and flying together while I drove to meet a client. When I started the chart reading for the client, which has been the trend of late, we have a lot of chart elements the same. In the past month, I have probably had at least 5 clients who share my birth day or who share major planetary placements. It is cool, likely not a coincidence but I am not totally sure why this has been the trend. I appreciate it all the same.

To my way of thinking (aka magical thinking) it is just further reinforcement that we are all connected and that we are not alone. There is always someone who is experiencing something just like we are or that is in a similar place in the cycles of life. Also, I think we attract those who resonate with us.

In my book club last night, we discussed one of the primary characters and her words of wisdom. One of the things she said was, "We are all the same in different ways." I think this is deeply accurate even if this can be broadly interpreted. Long and short, we are looking to love and be loved.

A short and simple thought for today. Share your stories; the ups and the downs because knowing you are not alone is magic all by itself. When you can relate to someone that is even better. And if perchance you can help someone because of your experience, that is the pinnacle.

Until tomorrow... Keep looking for the magic. You know it is looking for you.

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I did not receive your Blog 8/9, but did for 10. (read it today 3/16) As I read through, I was drawn to your statement of "Also, I think we attract those who resonate with us.". and "Long and short," I had met a woman back in November and was drawn to her almost immediately. We have developed a strong friendship over the last few months, connecting through our curiosity of intuition and mediumship. My other friend uses "long and short" in a lot of our conversations. These 2 ladies have been a shoulder to lean/cry on when I needed it most, during these last couple of months. Through sharing our experiences with others, helps not only ourselves, but oth…

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