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Magic Moments: Day 8

To offset yesterday's longish post, today's will be short and sweet.

There was a lot of little magic today - the sunset was beautiful on my drive home for example.

The most magical part of today however is that people are starting to share their magical moments with me. This makes me think that people are starting to look for their own magic moments which makes my heart swell.

As I said on day 1, "what you focus on grows and that what you look for, you will find." If even one of you is looking for magic as a result of this experiment, I am a happy girl.

This was hanging in the lobby of the place I stayed last weekend. The man speaketh the truth.

For me, just a week ago I had this notion to force myself to report out on daily magic as an act of trust. I trusted that I would find something to share daily regardless of where I went or what I did. So far, I have not been disappointed and my mood is a lot more steady and positive.

Is this happening to you? Are you finding magic? Synchronicity? Connections?

I would love to hear your stories too! Either way, I will be back tomorrow for more magic.

Also, if you wanted to hear a really magical story, one of my favorites is the post from last fall "If you make sure you're connected, the writing's on the wall..." Even I reread it because it is so crazy.

PS Just as I was putting the final touches on this article yet another person text me to tell me a story.

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