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"When it's Time to Change..." (Peter Brady, 1972)

I ran out of thyme this evening will making food. I do appreciate a good pun, so I took note. Earlier this week, while packing up from an event, I broke my hourglass. I was a little sad because I had finally figured out how long it took the hourglass to run out of sand and it was perfect for shorter readings which is just a way more dramatic timer than my iPhone.

Time seems to be a theme here, which really isn’t surprising since these days, time does not seem to be on my side.

Like the sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives...

But it got me thinking, what is it time for? What is it time to make time for?

Saturn is the planet that rules time. Cronus as he was known in Greek mythology to me is like old man river or Father Time. Serious, deliberate, intentional, on time. These are not words I would use to describe myself. In fact, I just asked my husband if he would say I was deliberate. He looked confused, and said, “Hmmm, no, you sort of flit around.”

He is not wrong and I can’t even be mad at him for saying so.

Flitting around is my jam. I am super good at letting the wind take me. I land where I am meant to land but lately, I don’t have the luxury of flitting. So therefore, it is time get serious. Thank you, Saturn.

The next full moon is Tuesday, March 7 at 7:40 am EST. Less than one hour later, Saturn, aka Cronus, Father Time, moves into Pisces. He hasn’t made a sign change since 2020, so this is not a small thing. It is also sort of cool that these two things are lining up and both have to do with ending cycles. Pisces rules endings. Full moons are always about releasing, ending cycles and letting stuff go. Ending also seems to be a trend here.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, the last sign of the astrological year, and the 12th sign in general. I was watching my new favorite show and a character in the show went on about the symbolism of the number 12 and concluded with “12 is a sign of completion.”

The last time Saturn was in Pisces was when I was in college. (I graduated in 1996 if you are keeping score.) A lot in my chart now is the same as it was then. This is not really a surprise because I have Pisces in the 9th house which would be a perfect time to be in college. The 9th house rules higher education and learning, amid other things.

To astrologers, when Saturn comes back to a place, this is the culmination of that cycle. Perhaps part of that which must die is the part that lets the wind take me. It is time to get serious and intentional. I have been letting the wind take me for a really long time, quite possibly my whole life. What would happen if I actually focused?

For example, I chose my major in undergrad all those years ago because the Business School was the only one that didn’t have a foreign language requirement and Marketing was the most creative of the business options. Might not be how you picked your major or college for that matter, but this is sort of how I roll. You see, I took Latin all through high school so when you enter the post high school world, Latin class doesn’t help you with Spanish 101. (Thank you Mom for Latin.) It does help with crosswords, Jeopardy and a Latin mass should I find myself in one. I am hoping it might help me in Italy which is next on the bucket list!

But again, I digress. See? The wind, it just keeps coming, and I just keep jumping into it.

So what is a girl to do? I went to bed with these ideas spooling in my head. What do I need to get serious about? What do I need to let go of to make space for this new thing or culmination of this 30 year cycle?

I woke up and it was crystal clear. I knew what it was. I know what else the 9th house rules and I am here for it.

You can do this in your life too. Find where the Pisces house is in your natal birth chart. For timing purposes, I like to kick it old school and use Whole Sign charts for clarity. If this is all Greek - or Latin - to you, fear not, I can help, just send me a note! Then, consider the themes of that house because this is where you are being asked to show up or expect some lessons in the next few years. (See below for themes of houses in your chart.)

So, back to the beginning, what is it time for in your life?

“The dream was planted in your heart for a reason. It is time.” -me (& Saturn)

PS This change of Saturn is going to make a bigger impact than just for you and me in our personal lives. Serious old man that he is, Saturn packs a punch. After he moves, then we have Pluto making a move. These two together changing signs is a gigantic deal. (That happens March 23 for the curious.) Hang on to your hats this year and next!

1st House: physical appearance, ego, your body, initiating, your self

2nd House: Money, self esteem, resources, things need to get stuff done

3rd House: How we think and share, communicating, siblings, short trips

4th House: Home, families, nurturing

5th House: Romance, creativity, children, "fun stuff"

6th House: Health (of all kinds), daily work, details, refinement, precision

7th House: Marriage, Partnership, Collaborations, legal affairs

8th House: Sex, Death, Taxes, "other people's money", transformation

9th House: Higher Education, Religion, Travel, Publishing, the higher mind

10th House: Career, Reputation, "How you show up in the world"

11th House: Friends, groups, community, unfulfilled wishes

12th House: That which is unseen, our connection to source, magic, past lives

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