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Magic Moments: Day 15

Today was made of lots of small moments of validation. I always consider validation magic because I am my own worst critic.

Last night I sat to write my post and I was feeling a bit stumped as to what I should share. There are always magic moments, but some are harder to summarize and describe. I knew I wanted to work with the geese because I noticed them. And when I notice something, I know well enough now that it is my intuition picking up on something. But in truth, until I started writing, I wasn't sure what the goose message was.

This is how my brain works.I need to just start talking or writing and what I need comes out, almost unplanned.

I hadn't even considered the Mary Oliver poem, "Wild Geese" which is a favorite. And the part that always sticks with me is "you don't have to be good." Because truly, there is not one other thing I have more solidly believed for my entire life. Codependents, people pleasers, you can always find a seat with me! I always try to be good. Or I did. Before I quit my job(s). Before I quit my marriage. Before, before, before...

So this may seem like a small thing, but this is one of the first images I saw this morning.

To me, that was validation - or as I see it, a little bit of magic.

Until tomorrow, that is my small bit of magic for you. Keep looking and keep sharing your stories.

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