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Magic Moments: Day 14

Today while driving, I saw not one but two Canadian Geese flying solo. We all recognize that infamous V-formation and the efficiency that comes in the power of that shape. These are community minded birds who understand the power of the group, flying farther and more effectively together than alone.

My knee jerk reaction was, "Oh no! The goose is lost." I am always prone to go "there". You know where "there" is - the most dramatic worst case scenario. "There" is the ditch, where people are often laying dead in my imagination. (Does that really happen outside of Lifetime movies?)

I spent some time tonight researching the reasons why a Canada Goose might fly alone. Lost is one of those, sure. But the cool thing about geese is that if they get lost, or lose their nest, they will find a new community before too long. Sometimes, they are alone because they are injured. Sometimes they are alone because they are returning to their mating grounds to find a mate. Hey now...

My point is, usually the simplest answer is the right one, not always the most sensational or scary one.

As for the symbolism of the goose (because you know I looked at that too) they are symbols of upcoming travel, abundance, teamwork and communication. They can indicate a need to rest before a big trip or activity or next phase in life. They are loyal birds that mate for life and when their mate dies it is highly uncommon for them to pick another. They can also symbolize focus and direction, and a strong sense of knowing where one is going.

Where is the magic? For me, anything I notice that causes me to learn a little something is magic. Seeing a goose alone isn't always a terrible thing so the magic might really be in learning not to jump to conclusions and go "there" every time. Take a moment to step back before jumping to conclusions, or better yet, ask, learn a little, communicate, share, talk to each other and figure out what is really going on.

As Ted Lasso says, "You know what happens when you assume. You make an arse out of you and me."

Signed, a perennial dyed in the wool assumer. (Working on it, thank you Goose!)

Until tomorrow, keep looking for the magic. And keep letting me know what you find!

PS - Plus the geese always make me think of one of my favorite Mary Oliver poems, "Wild Geese." Which absolutely fits my mood these days. (see below)

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