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We Are the People We’ve Been Waiting For

“You mad bro?”

Yeah me too. Sometimes I don’t even know why, but I can feel it there, lying in wait under the surface. Unchecked anger often manifests in the body as stuck energy which can cause some odd side effects. More on that another day...

Spirit reminded me of this during this week’s readings with some recurring messages. They sound a little like this…

"It’s ok if you’ve cut someone out of your life after a lot of trying to work things out. But promise me you’ll stay open if they soften and change? You don’t have to be close anymore, but you can release the hard feelings and be at peace."

"Is there someone you have lost touch with? Even if it’s not due to anything in particular, just life taking its toll through busyness and everyday tasks? Maybe they miss you too. You should reach out and let them know you’re thinking of them."

All of this comes in perfect alignment with the energy of the moment as always.

The planet Mars moves retrograde today and stays there until January. This makes for a fabulous time to release old hurts and anger that are buried so deep even you don’t remember where it is or why you put it there.

How do we unearth that you say? 🤔

That answer is unique for all of us but things that might help include journaling, meditation, getting in your car alone and screaming or singing loudly, physical exertion, visualization, writing a letter that won’t get sent to whomever is the source of your feelings and then burning that shit, talking out loud about your deep feelings that you’d rather not share with another, or talking with a trusted other. The options are limitless but the benefits of releasing the “weight” can be nothing short of amazing.

Who benefits from holding a grudge anyway? Not you. And the other person doesn’t even know.

Just some food for thought. Thank you Spirit for your ever present timeliness.

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