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Talk to Me

I woke up at the end of a dream I don’t remember. I am talking in my sleep. I say “I miss you so much.” I know I’m talking to my mother.

I remember nothing else except that I know she would be upping her game to let me know she was around. Ok I think, that is nice. I like it.

I am at a hotel having spent the night for work to arrive early at a meeting a few hours from my home. I go to the meeting and as I’m waiting for it to begin, I notice birds outside hopping around on the patio. A Blue Jay of course; the bird we all associate with my mom. Well done Pat.

I do my presentation and the meeting wraps up. I head out on the road. I didn’t count but there were at least 12 Blue Jays in my path, flying right in front of me on the highway. they have a very distinctive flight pattern so they are easy to spot. I see you Pat.

After a couple hours I am committed to stopping for lunch even though I’m only a half hour from my house. I’m starving. I didn’t have a proper breakfast and I know just the place that can feed me on the way. (I say feed me because of my hyper sensitivity to most foods.)

I stop and get the salad which ends up costing me almost $25. “This was dumb,” I think. Also I acknowledge that I’m tired and hungry and don’t have anything readily available at home.

I sit outside because we are having the most glorious fall ever. It is easily 82 degrees in the fall sunshine near Buffalo NY.

I start eating my salad and I look up. It’s the bank my mother worked at for years. What are the odds. I never realized these places oppose each other on the street. And my mother loved nothing more than a “nice salad.”

The Bank

Ok Pat, you win. Message delivered.

So often I sit with clients and they say they have asked for a sign and they just haven’t gotten them. I always encourage them to open their minds to the ways that signs might show up. Sometimes it’s as subtle as this story is. Birds are my messengers or ending up somewhere familiar unintentionally. Sometimes it’s a song that makes you think of them or a smell that transcends time and space.

What I can say for sure is that they are with you. Just a reminder that you are never alone. You are never without guidance. They are always right there with you. Open your heart and listen with all your senses.

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