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"Turn on your Heart Light"...

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Human Design helps us peel back the layers of lies and self doubt to get to the meat of who we are and how we connect in the world.

Yes, that's Neil Diamond in your ear! So evidently I have determined this blog may have some cheesy musical undertones. This really isn't a huge surprise since I am so often connected to messages through music. One of my favorite things to do is plug whatever song is in my brain when I wake up in to Spotify and then let a playlist form randomly and listen. Some days it is meaningful, some days not so much, but at any rate, I like it. I also keep track of my 'dream songs' as I call them in a playlist if you want to take a peek inside the zoo.

My absolute favorite is when it is a song that I haven't heard in forever, so it is definitely not an ear worm, but a real message. I am absolutely certain my guides know how important music is to me and this is why they use it as a tool to get me to pay attention. But again, I digress. None of this is the intent of this post.

A couple of years ago, literally almost to the day, a dear friend text me to tell me I needed to listen to this podcast. She is the most impressive pod cast listener ever - in fact she has since started her own and I truly do not know how she fits it all in. I struggle to focus long enough to just read books and am pretty sure if it wasn't for Audible I would only have read three books in the last 4 years. Her recommendation was to listen to "That's So Retrograde" as the hosts were talking to Jenna Zoe. I had no idea what most of this meant or who that was, but I did not hesitate and tuned in. The topic was Human Design. I still remember how I felt when I listened to this podcast. I got all wiggly inside and was tuned in like I normally never can. (See above. Lack of focus, prone to side bars.) This was SO interesting. I immediately went home, bought a book about this topic, researched and researched, figured out my chart, figured out that I am unusual and just kept trying to soak it all in. My friend is my spirit whisperer. She has a keen sense of what I will like and is very often dead on with her suggestions. Much like EF Hutton, when she talks, I listen.

If you are unfamiliar, Human Design is this magical conglomeration of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, quantum physics and the chakra system. There is so much about it that is weird however, that like everything else, I was and occasionally still am, very skeptical. With that said, it is also super accurate in an eerie kind of way that I cannot explain. It also is super duper complex so I am not going to get in to the fine points here (google it, and then I will see you in a few days.) The thing, however, that I love the most about it, is the premise that it is an energy blueprint of who we really are. That is, underneath the surface of all the BS we have come to believe about ourselves through 'conditioning' there is this real us, just waiting to do our thing. This conditioning is a normal part of life and how we evolve. Human Design helps us peel back the layers of lies and self doubt to get to the meat of who we are and how we connect in the world.

There are 5 main energy types of people in the world. Some more rare than others and some are pretty common. I am a manifesting generator which is actually one of the most common types. (I know I said I was unusual. That is not the unusual part.) The best way for me and the other energy types to get to this underneath person, is to find what lights us up. Cue the Neil Diamond Heartlight! When I say light us up, I mean the stuff that makes you wiggle inside. See, we all have a thing (or things depending on the person), that we are naturally gifted to do. It is that thing, that when we are doing it, inspires other people to do their thing too. So, if we are all living authentically, doing the things that make us wiggle, rather than the things that make us complain, frown, sigh and not wiggle, we are contributing our thing in to the world. When all our things are out there in the world, and all our lights are shining, true magic starts happening. And so maybe you're thinking, what in the actual hell are you talking about and should we really all be putting our thing in to the world? Get your mind out of the gutter, that is not the THING I mean.

Let me give you an example. My friend, the podcasting spirit whisperer, also has a side business selling homemade juices. She is extremely passionate about this business and rocks at making juice. The people love the juice and she loves making it for them. Today, my boyfriend called me to tell me how his friend's daughter LOVES the juice business and wants to volunteer with my friend so she can learn about it. She is not even old enough to hold a job. She just wants in on the wiggly light parts that she resonates with. And that, my friends, is how this all works. Maybe this little girl will go on to own an organic farm one day and supply happy food to the masses. Or maybe she will do something else. Whatever her thing is.

Caveat - one of my biggest pet peeves are social media things that tell me how to live, what I need in a relationship, what my shadow is doing today, how I should eat, etc. I am going to try very hard not to be that person in this blog. We all have our own intuition and sense of self that should lead us, not the pretty posts on Instagram or articles on websites that are really trying to sell us crystals and organic cotton clothes. We all have our own stuff to work out in the time frame that works for us. BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT - NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION. We are all uniquely gifted and have a role in making the magic with our thing or things. The best way we can determine what that is to follow what lights us up, what makes us wiggle inside, the thing we would do even if we never made a dollar doing it, the things that are easy and flowing for us, not the things that make our brains hurt and that we have to drag ourselves to do. Forcing never goes well. Flow is more the way.

And finally, very often in my readings I share messages with people that identify that thing they have been dreaming of doing that they just haven't gotten to, or they think it might be too weird, or not serious enough, or hard enough. So they let it go. And then my FAVORITE part is when they reach out after to tell me that having the validation from their reading helped them make space for the thing and now they are so happy they did. Often times, this does not require a job change or major investment, it is simply easing in to the thing. Sometimes, we are stuck in jobs that feel heavy, but we can't leave them. Adding the thing can be just what the doctor ordered to start feeling a little more alive, to get that heart lighting up. I feel like when you ease in to the thing, the universe makes it happen for us when we make the space, finding a way to make the magic and shine your light, for this is after all our birthright.

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