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Why it is so easy to love Josh Allen...

This year, in honor of Josh's 28th birthday, I am highlighting his Human Design!

Since I still don't know his birthtime, I have to keep things high level. Every year on my own birthday, that is my wish as I blow out the candles. "Please let me know what time Josh Allen was born!" Ok, maybe not exactly but a girl can dream!

man waving his hat in a crowd
Our multi-passionate QB1 turns 28 this year! (credit: Buffalo Bills media)

Josh Allen is a manifesting generator. He is meant to be multi passionate and have many interests. People with this energy type are not here to follow the rules. They think fast, talk fast and move fast. They need to do work they love in order to shine and are meant to pivot away from things when they get stale. They have the capacity to work for days when they are in the flow. This is the only energy type that is non linear. He may do things out of order yet still finds success.

With his Sun in Gate 20; he is built to live in the present moment. This is where he will thrive, not getting stuck in the past is key.

There is a natural magnetism that defines Josh and his personality. He has the channel of charisma which is a dominant part of his design. He needs to have his own creative process and has a profound capacity for drawing others in. Zeal, passion, enthusiasm, dynamism and energy: these are all channel of charisma traits. On the flip side, there is also energy to burn yourself out with this energy. These people need to be busy so balancing this with rest is critical for proper alignment.

He has the channel of power meaning he has strong intuition and a profound gut response. He is good in a crisis and can stay calm in the face of adversity. 

Josh also has natural caretaker energies and can help people best after he first takes care of himself.

He has a keen eye for details and is able to pick up on things other people might miss. He has the ability to sort through large amounts of information and pull out what is essential.

Josh is a natural leader, confident and able to express his truth. He feels heard when he speaks and is able to express himself directly from his power. He is a dynamic speaker.

This year coming up will feel much more stabilizing emotionally then more recent years. The moon in his solar return chart points at a year of going deep, healing and persevering. I expect he will double down on his romantic life which will serve as a nice foundation for him this yer ahead. 

Happy Birthday Josh Allen! Hope this year brings you everything you desire - GO BILLS!

PS If you are keen for his astrology breakdown, check out my other articles on Josh & Sean McDermott.

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