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If You Just Believe...

Last week we had dinner with some friends. These are my adult besties and their partners. It was a joy for sure.

My friends husband joined us and he seldom is available because he travels internationally for work. It had been quite a while since I saw him. He’s got such a presence about him; kind eyes and a warm heart. You can see it in is face. I sat across from him at dinner.

He asked about my spiritual business. I said it was going great but it is hard to maneuver with my day job which takes up most of my life and energy these days.

Because we were having such a good time, I had a glass of wine. I seldom drink anymore for a variety of reasons. Several years ago alcohol would erupt hives on my body and face. Red wine in particular makes me sit straight up in bed around 4 am riddled with anxiety. My thoughts race and my heart beats out of my chest. As a younger person I drank a LOT. Needless to say my relationship with alcohol is dodgy and for me, not worth indulging 95% of the time.

Unless the moment strikes me, and that particular night it did.

Another reason I don’t drink much is because as soon as I do, spirit people present themselves.

This evening was no different than the others. I immediately saw a man standing with my friends husband. He was dressed smartly, “a businessman” he told me, but the image I saw was of someone dressed very much in 1980’s era garb.

I tried blocking him out. I was taught not to offer unsolicited readings. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t want to upset anyone plus I also don’t know their belief system. And mostly, they truly didn’t ask me. I respect those boundaries.

This spirit gentleman, however, was persistent. My friends husband could also be described as a persistent businessman. He definitely wanted to connect and share a message.

I leaned over to my friend and asked if her husband would be open to a message. She said “Oh yes.”

And so I did my thing. This was his brother in law, who came across to me more like an older brother or that young uncle who is close in age to the nephew so this skews the relationship from a typical uncle-nephew relationship.

As the details came through, my friends husband started asking questions, many of which were answered. It was highly emotional as this man had just passed earlier this year.

The reason I’m telling you this story is because my friend, his wife, said to him after, “You’ve had him on your mind.”

To which I say, “This means he’s been with you.” Turns out the businessman’s son had also just drove into town for a visit.

These are not coincidences. Just as his brother in law was on his mind, his brother in law was with him. It’s always this way. Very often I connect with a spirit loved one for a person and that person says they’ve had this loved one on their mind a lot lately.

They are with you. This is what happens. It can be this simple.

Some of you look so hard for signs, for evidence of their presence. You want cardinals, heads up dimes, and hummingbirds to land on your windowsill. Having them cross your mind, definitely counts.

Which begs the question: do they come because they are on your mind and you call them in or are they around you and this inevitably puts them in your brain space?

I say it’s probably a little of both. Also, truly, I’m not sure if it really matters. This love we share here never dies. They are around us all the time. Sometimes being on the other side affords them the chance to be with us even more than when they were here in physical form.

My goal is to encourage you to think outside the box and consider these connections. I also hope someone reads this and it resonates with their own story.

They are around you. Love never dies. It’s as simple as that.

"Believe in what you feel inside

And give your dreams the wings to fly

You have everything you need

If you just believe"

From "Believe", by Josh Groban

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