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Like a Moth to the Flame

I walked into the bedroom at my cottage to open the shade as I always do upon arrival. I love daylight but when I am not there, my goal is to keep the heat out so the shades come down. Not sure this actually works but it is how I roll at this point so I go with it. My eye immediately went to the left lower corner of the window. At first glance, I did not know what I was looking at. It looked like a hole in the wood, a portal to another land to my Willy Wonka imagination. As I got closer, I realized what I was looking at - it was a moth, unlike any I had ever seen before.

This is the moth in question - the Clymene moth to be exact

Because I am me, I was like, "'Oh man, this must be a death moth. What are the odds!" In essence, I went dark. Remember that test I had done last week? I still don't have the results! Therefore my mind is subject to darkness.

I sent the picture of the "death moth" to my cousin. She is very in tune with nature and the signs. I knew she would dig into this one. At the cottage, we are off the grid so pictures and GIFs take a solid 8 minutes to download. It's like the internet in the 90's without the sound effects. If you are old enough, you know the sounds I am making.

Awaiting her reply, I stared at this moth, mouth open. What was the black shape reminding me of? An ancient axe? A billy club? A weapon of mass destruction! I went everywhere with this and even tried to find "black and yellow moth" to no avail with my 1990's phone set up.

Before I even got my search results, my cousin sent me it's name. "The Clymene moth" she text me. I had told her I thought it was ominous. Witch that she is, she reminded me that it was not ominous, just a moth that looks like it has a bat on it. She also reminded me that a lot of what seems ominous ends up not being so.

Touche. I have my moon in the 12th house, I am always going dark before anything else. But I digress.

Name in hand, I quickly began scouring the interwebs for the symbolism of the Clymene mouth. First grab:

Oh it's positive? That is opposite of my imagination. Weird. But I keep looking as I always need verification.

Another page devoted to this moth, called The Blessing Moth where a man tells of his moth sighting and the spiritual journey he has been on ever since. Another calling it the Jesus moth. Turns out if you flip the moth upside down, it looks like a cross or Jesus on the crucifix. Look it up! I dare you.

Whoa. How does this really cool, slightly ominous but definitely unique moth show up in my bedroom?

I was so excited about this moth, which no matter the translation, is most definitely a SIGN.

A Mallard feather on the beach!

I found the coolest things all weekend. A mallard duck feather complete with the royal blue! A hag stone much like the first one I ever found, very flat, definitely not a typical Lake Erie find. And of course, a sundog of epic proportions around the sun.

Giant, multi layered sundog

After a weekend of marination on this moth, and all my other findings, I decided on this as a message:

Sometimes the things that come and scare you initially, require a change in perception to see that miracle that is included.

Have you done this before: missed the blessing in the moment like me? Or assumed the worst but then find the shocking news end up being a blessing in disguise? The illness that reunites the family or the job you don't get where the company goes bankrupt a month later. Yep, all blessings. Maybe this moth just showed up to make me realize my dark knee jerks are really, really wrong most of the time. Or, that something coming up might seem worse than it is. Either way, I am here for whatever may come.

That is all I have for you folks, at this time anyway. Let's see what turns up next! Blessings to all of you!



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