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You Can Do Magic

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

When I talk to people about mediumship and my experiences, I always hear stories about prophetic dreams or moments when someone just knew something or had a strong intuitive hit that ended up being meaningful. Maybe they avoided a car accident by taking a different route home. Maybe they knew a family member was going to pass before they were even sick. Maybe they felt a strong inclination to leave a situation that felt off.

I love these stories by the way. In fact, it is a large part of why I started this blog because I was hoping to create a platform for sharing these magical stories. These stories are further evidence of an intelligent consciousness that exists in the universe from whence we all hail and therefore, we can all access.

This is how I see us. Magical beautiful things with this glowing light inside.

Long and short, we are all psychic. Our intuition is our birthright and our super power. But wait you say, that stuff hasn’t happened to me. While I don‘t know your story, but I would argue that it has. Why did you choose where you live? Because it felt right, maybe? Or the job you have, or the car you drive, or the route you take to the store. Still a no? I bet if you dig deep, you will identify a time or decision you made based purely on how you felt with no other evidence. And if that still doesn't land for you, can you recall a time you walked in to a room where two people were just arguing? You likely felt that heavy dense energy. Or, have you attended a concert or sporting event when the team just scored or someone just sang the national anthem? If you didn't feel that energy, I would invite you to have your pulse checked.

I know for sure we can all identify a time we messed up. When we chose against what our gut told us and stuff just went left. I have had those moments for sure. My primary issue used to be denying my intuition because it seemed a little ridiculous because again I had no evidence. Where is this nonsense coming from anyway I would tell myself. Let me share an example.

Once during a health crisis, I had gone from doctor to doctor, then to functional doctor to functional doctor, the last of whom, after charging me by the minute (yes, that’s a thing) referred me to the Cleveland Clinic. 75 minutes later he stated that he couldn’t help me but he felt that the doctors in the functional medicine center there could.

I paid the man and then as any warm blooded human would, I googled the clinic. I looked at all the doctors and practitioners. One stood out to me who looked like a jerk. “I do not want to see that guy,” I told myself. Then, with instant judgement of my intuitive hit, I scolded myself ”Who picks their doctor on appearance? You can’t judge a book by its cover.“

I’m not sure who’s judgy voice that was in my brain, but when I called for an appointment and they could see me within 3 months and the first available was none other than Dr. Jerk, I dismissed my intuition and took the appointment. I was lucky enough to get an appointment after all. Take your overly selective self and go sit down I said to myself.

Now I’m not going to say the Cleveland Clinic didn’t help me because there were moments of learning in this process as with anything. It was there that I met a nutritionist who also studied Ayurveda who took one look at me and said, "You aren't being true to yourself." Um, excuse me, you don't know me I countered back in my brain. I am so true to myself, you have no idea. Turns out, I never forgot that moment because some place deep inside I knew she was right. Besides that woman who planted a seed for me, I can say that Dr. Jerk mostly made things worse and if others in my life who better understood my sensitive nature hadn’t intervened, it might’ve been turned out much, much worse.

Needless to say, I pay attention now when I see pictures of people online or elsewhere and they speak to me one way or another, whether that is good or bad.

I think it’s easy to dismiss our intuition because there isn’t necessarily a reason for what we feel. If you’re someone who needs evidence of everything as I used to be, intuition is a tough pill to swallow. How can we trust these things that come with no evidence? Maybe this is why we have to go against it a few times in order to truly trust so we can see what that feels like.

So, how can you develop your intuition to be stronger so you can act on it you might be thinking? The short answer is mindfulness. As a dear friend‘s father states - TAKE ATTENTION.

Meditation is optimal but that might not be available to you just yet. Things like taking a walk, without your phone, just looking and taking in your environment is a start. A teacher taught me to take a walk and look beyond. Look at the scenery but also look past that to what you normally don’t notice. Look at the open space if you will.

Deep breathing also helps. Notice how your body changes with each breath. Where do you feel the breath in your body? Can you direct your breath to other places in your body? How do you feel after several minutes of that?

Other mindful practices like yoga, journaling, praying, mantras or coloring mandalas are all good options to connect your brain back to your body. Even eating without the distraction of your phone or the TV is a good start. The more you notice what’s happening in your body, the more you’ll start to feel it’s signals. These things are part of your intuition.

If you are able to start meditation, that will accelerate things more than anything else. Daily if you can, even if for 5 minutes to start is a good foundation to build from. The more you can silence your brain, even for short pauses, the sooner you’ll be able to connect with the “noticing part“ of your self AKA your intuition, your higher self, your innate wisdom, whatever you wish to call it. And once you start noticing, your intuition will start to flourish.

“What you focus on expands.“ I am unable to nail down exactly who said that first, but it’s true. If your intention is to develop your intuition, you will. If you focus on connecting your awareness you will. And once that starts to happen, more and more stuff will come to you this way. I think it's some sort of system where you have to ease your way in, buying it all just a little at a time, in a way that resonates for you.

Then your job is to trust what is coming to you. That is perhaps a last step, but also quite possibly the hardest.

Take Dr. Jerk for example. I saw his picture, I didn't like his vibe. I met him in person, he was rushed, literally never touched me and skipped over a lot of things. I didn't finish my process with him because eventually I knew he was not going to help me. The part where he made things worse was all hindsight unfortunately. But alas, it was still validation.

And then take something like mediumship where in order to get good strong evidence from the spirit people, you need to completely surrender and say what you feel, see or hear. Harboring trust issues just mucks things up. When I first started, I tried filtering information to make sure I didn't sound like a nutter because mostly I felt like I was. Spoiler alert: that is not a solid plan when attempting to work with dead people. There is no room for filtering because it takes you out of the flow, and if you lose the flow, you lose the connection. Spirit is cool though, because they give really awesome evidence that can't be denied, which helps to build trust. One time, I did a reading for a woman and felt her grandmother and she was sending a kiss to her granddaughter. Only I felt like the grandmother was patting my forehead so I started doing that during the reading. The sitter immediately started crying. Turns out, her grandmother only ever kissed her on the forehead as she was afraid of picking up germs since the granddaughter worked with children.

We all have super powers! Own it!

I invite you to think back on times your intuition was firing off clues about a situation or thing. Did you listen to it or ignore it? How did that go?

If you wish to use your intuition and your super power more, find ways to tune in to yourself and then work on trusting what comes up. It's a process, and it won't happen overnight but like anything, the more you work with it, the more it will come. And then, truly you will be tapping in to that inner guidance that is your birthright and your super power. Anything that flows from that is going to take you to the next level, I promise.

I would love to help you unlock your gifts! I am offering a special on readings for Halloween week coming up - the veil is thin plus a blue full moon, why not? Reach out if you are interested!

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Hey Christie....I am interested in your Halloween special. Blue full moon, thin veil, I couldnt resist lol. What hours and prices? Thanks.

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