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You Can Go Your Own Way

I wasn't ten minutes away from my house when I stumbled upon a blue heron wading near a pond. I had hurriedly left my house in an effort to quickly squeeze in a walk before I needed to get home and changed for a family party. As I dashed down the stairs, I was thinking, what the hell am I going to write about tonight? I haven't had time for anything interesting to happen!

And then, like clockwork, I see my friend the blue heron. This was not the first I had seen this week. The day of the great funnel cloud, I had taken a walk later in the evening with my husband. As we turned a corner near our house, a giant heron flew out of the reeds right behind us. It was startling but very cool.

When I saw this guy today, I said hello and thank you. What a beautiful bird, so unique and elegant. I walked up to him subtly, trying to snap his picture. He gave my the eye to feel me out, and then after a few seconds he took off to the far side of the pond.

I appreciate the few moments he let me walk up before he flew away. I always appreciate a heron sighting because I know what they represent.

They always make me think of balance, unique energy and having the presence of self to be exactly who you are meant to be. This has long been my struggle to accept my unusual gifts for what they are and to fully step into them. Heron always reminds me of the magic of who we are when we release the "shoulds".

All of my learnings have led me to this point. It is my great wish to help other people find the things that light them up, to honor who they really are and to find and live in the flow. It's something I know a little about, since my own path was been anything but straight and narrow.

My offerings are going to be streamlining in the near future with the goal in mind to help people discover their authentic self. I know it's time to get serious planning this all out because as I left the pond and went up the road a little more, I found yet another clue.

This birds nest had fallen from the tree. Nesting and brooding has ended and it's time to fly free!

Ok, ok, I know someone is reading this and thinking I am a little bit extreme with my nature signs. That is fair and possibly not wrong. If you've had a reading with me you've heard me say that I don't believe Spirit wastes a symbol. If I see something specific in a reading, I'm going to mention it to you. The same is true for me in real life. If I see a birds nest along my walk, I'm going to include it in my interpretation of the day's clues.

It's just more fun for me this way. Life is hard and I need to be able to find the glimpses of wonder and magic that are inherently there. To honor the heron, I'm going to go my own way and I'd love to help you go your own way too.

Love, Christy

Xoxo 💋

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