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Magic Moments: Day 7

This is easily my favorite magic moment so far. One, because I never even got in my car today so that is proof that the magic is wherever YOU are. And two, because it literally put a pep in my step the entire rest of the day.

I had been home all day waiting for the dishwasher repair man. My dishwasher has been broken since before the holidays so the fact that it was getting repaired today was magic enough. When he finally left, I was set to take the dogs for a walk. The sun was glorious today even if it was a little chilly. Before I left however, I had been messing around with my tarot cards with a specific question in mind. I am not super savvy with the tarot and they give me anxiety half the time, but I decided to pull one anyway. One fell out as I shuffled which contradicted the one I ended up pulled so I put them away and decided to just take the walk and enjoy the sunshine.

Duncan is my older dog and he has dementia. He is pretty rigid with routines which includes how we take our walks and we usually take the same route or he puts on the breaks. Today he was open to mixing it up however so we took a different route.

As we were walking, I stumbled upon a deck of cards on the side of the road. HAND TO GOD. They were in fairly good shape and the card on top was the 6 of diamonds. I was stunned! I had read before you can use a regular deck of playing cards in lieu of tarot. I didn't remember how it worked but regardless, this was crazy!

Duffy inspecting the cards on the side of the road this afternoon.

My question before I left for the walk was about whether I need to get a real traditional job or focus on growing my spiritual work more. I am not sure how the 6 of diamonds answers that question but here are some thoughts.

In tarot, 6 symbolizes harmony, truth, union and success. Evidently Venus rules the number 6 and it also relates to the Lovers card which is the 6th card in the Major Arcana (those are the fancier cards you are likely more familiar with.) The Lovers card, in addition to being promising in love relationships, can represent the joining together of the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves. This is not unlike the vibe of having Mars and Venus conjunct in the sky which they currently are for an unusually long time this year - you wanna guess how long? 6 WEEKS.

But I digress...

There is more on the interwebs to suggest that the 6 of diamonds is about change and new opportunities and luck and prosperity. There is a lot of information on this card but long and short, good stuff is coming. I am not looking to debate with that.

This is the 6 of pentacles. What is it saying to you?

I also read diamonds represent the pentacles suit in tarot so to look at the 6 of pentacles card as well. Again, I am not tarot savvy so if any of you out there have some insight, I would be super grateful for your thoughts.

Long story short (always too long once someone says that, correct?) it was a fascinating find. It's also reminder that you don't have to look for signs, they show up when they want to. Sure, go ahead and ask for them, but know that you will see what you are meant to when it's time. Why? Because that is how magic works.

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