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There are No Strangers on the Other Side

This post was in draft form for months and I never shared it. I think partly to protect the anonymity of the women mentioned in the story. But also, because I truly believe everything has a time and place. We had a meditation circle tonight at the studio and as a result, I didn't have time for a full writing session. In order to honor my promise to write and share daily, I am posting this passage from last winter. xoxo

I reached inside my jewelry cabinet for my black obsidian bracelet. It is the one I wear almost everyday. I started wearing black stones years ago as I read that they are good for grounding energy, for giving you an anchor in the storm if you will. Protection from weird energy is what I usually go with. If I go to a concert, or to the mall, the grocery store, but especially group readings, or any energy work really, I will wear black stones.

But then I paused and I added another bracelet, one I seldom, if ever, wear. It seemed to catch my eye and it was my mom’s. It is also made from some organic stones, I believe they are rhodonite. It is chunkier than I like to wear as I have short wrists, so I don’t wear a lot of bracelets. I am always envious of those women with the long slender wrists who can wear lots of bracelets. I am also a little insecure about my short wrists and what happens to them when I wear too many bracelets, but I wore it anyway, short wrists be damned!

Rhodonite is meant to help with love and transformation, to provide clarity and help you find your life’s purpose. In fairness, that seems like a lot for one stone to take on. According to my investigation, “It dissolves the negative emotions that might arise from traumatic experiences and promotes feelings of compassion and self-love.” I like that one better, especially considering what happened next.

I hold monthly guided meditation circles and after we meditate, we share intuitive messages that come up. The power of the group always makes things more evident, more tangible and easier to tap into. It’s one of my favorite events, simply because I like watching people who think they have no intuitive capacity at all come up with things that end up being meaningful for the other people in the group.

Last night, the group was very small. I had some last minute cancellations and in fairness, the moon was void. I knew it was a gamble to hold the event, but I figured I would never know until I tried.

While the group was small, the group was mighty. The women that attended shared so much in common it was uncanny. Therefore when messages came up, they resonated with almost all of them. It was beautiful.

Two of the women that attended were sisters. The following day was the anniversary of their mom’s passing, we came to find out. One of the women in the circle is a very good medium and she brought mom through almost immediately. Other details flowed but then I started to feel my own mother come through to me. She and the mom who passed had a lot in common as it turns out. I immediately knew this is why I grabbed the chunky bracelet in spite of my short wrists.

Mom was on fire last night. She connected directly with the recently passed mom, sharing lots of details, things that seemed relevant, that could be validated by the sisters. Our mothers were the same age when they died. They both were brunettes who after they went grey decided to just be blonde. They both seemed to age in reverse, getting a little more youthful with each passing year and both women were unable to communicate with their children at the end before they passed. They also wanted their children to know that it didn’t matter that they couldn’t share in two way communication, they felt the love and they didn’t want them to carry any guilt attached to that. Their Mom also wanted them to know that she would like it if they thought less about how she died, and more about how she lived.

All in all, healing transpired.

One of the sisters revealed symbols and signs the mother had been sending her in the last year. One of those had to do with a special beach her mom had taken her to over the years. During the meditation, through the guided script, we visited a beach. When I was writing the meditation, I had another plan in mind but it wouldn’t flow so I scrapped it and we went to the beach because that is where my mind went. It felt weird for us to be going to the beach in the winter but it ended up being exactly what was needed for this small and mighty group.

I didn’t even think until this morning that there is literally nowhere my mother would have rather been than on a beach. Maybe this was another seed planted by our mothers, to provide the exact right thing we needed last night.

They are not gone. They are as close to use as the nose on our faces, they are just in different form. They know what we are dealing with, they still worry about us, as mothers do. They are there for us to talk to and they love us with all they have. There have been other moments this week that remind me time doesn’t matter to them. They may be gone 6 months or 60 years, love doesn’t die and our loved ones don’t leave us. My hope is that you find some comfort in that.

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