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You Come and Go Like a Whisper

The hummingbird sat in the tree, waiting for me to be done. I knew when I finished it would fly away...

I am the proud owner of my parents ashes. Both of them are in the same urn in spite of their passings separated by 17 years. They are currently residing in my dining room. Previously they had been at our family cottage. Quite frankly, it's a lot to carry around and I am ready to set them free.

I attempted to get my brothers on board with a dissemination process more than one time in the last 4 years. They don't seem to have the same feelings around this as they don't have ownership and therefore responsibility. I have had them both since I picked my mom up from the funeral home. She had wanted nothing more during her illness than to go home. She was on vacation when she fell ill, and never made it back to her house. I just spent 8 days away from home for work, and I could not wait to get back to my home. I can't imagine what this was like for her to leave on vacation, end up in a hospital and then never to return home again.

When I picked her up that day, I drove the urn to her house. I wanted her to be able to go home, in whatever shape or form that presented itself. I wanted to honor her wish, even if for a few moments. She, well both of them, have been with me ever since or at least under my watch.

This weekend I discussed the topic of dissemination again with my family. We have a family wedding coming up at the end of summer and all the grandkids will be in town. This felt like the right time for me to make my move.

And so we devised a plan, which will take place this September. I sat this morning on the back deck at our family cottage, and began to create an event for this, to let the kids know what was going on. As I sat, stymied as to what you would name such an event, I saw a little hummingbird flitting around in the yard. The hummingbird landed on the tree branch and just sat. It was grooming itself, and then bobbing its head side to side, and I was captivated. It's not every day you see a hummingbird, let alone one that just sits, waiting and watching for any length of time.

I wrote out the event details, knowing as I concluded, the bird would leave. It was just an instinct but it proved to be correct.

I felt this hummingbird was a validation to me, that this was in fact the right time and place to get this done, to set them both free... to set us all free. I don't need an urn to keep them with me, for they reside in my heart. Their ashes are not them, they are remnants of what was, and I am ready to let them go.

Hours later, my cousin sent me this video of a hummingbird feeding from her flowers. It was caught in slow motion, to watch this magical activity more closely. Yet another validation I felt. Perfect timing.

As always, remember that messages come through others. There is no barrier that can prevent you from hearing what you need to hear, exactly when you need to hear it.

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Christy…. This was amazing!

Christy Hens
Christy Hens
Jul 31, 2023
Replying to

It was so cool!! Love the synchronicity. Thanks for reading 💜

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