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Somewhere I Belong

My dogs knocked down the screen door today in order to chase a chipmunk.

I didn’t have time in the moment to fix the door but later, during lunch, I did. As I maneuvered the door, a giant fly flew in the house. My dogs have real issues with flies. They will chase them, bark at them and in general make it super annoying for a fly to be in the house.

I was annoyed but decided to leave it for the moment. It’s a busy day. I have bigger fish to fry.

And then, this thought occurred to me and I felt compelled to share. In Human Design, we say some of us are built to respond to things rather than chasing them down. This includes things like finding a job or a partner or a new place to live. Turns out, this is like 70% of us. A very small minority of us (less than 10%) don’t have to wait for stuff to come to us, we can chase it down. Everyone else, you are either being invited to share your thoughts or you are waiting for opportunities to present themselves.

As a highly impatient person, I have often reflected on this. Why do I have to wait? What’s the difference? I can see that it works in real time. Chasing things, for me anyway, seldom works well. The allowing of things always has a better flow.

When the giant fly came in my house today, uninvited, it made sense. I noticed how scattered he was. Frantic, in my imagination, like he landed in a spot he wasn’t meant to be. Maybe he’s always that way because he’s a fly but this is what I tell myself. Welcome to my Willy Wonka imagination.

Orange cone
Things you might see when you are in places you don't flow

Somehow, this made me not want to swat him with my shoe, but to try and get him to the door.

I have been in spaces where I felt like that fly. Frantic, out of place, not with my tribe, looking for the door. I am glad I wasn’t swatted with a shoe in those moments.

Baby bunny on the patio
A baby bunny that also did not land where he belonged - my window well!

Somehow though, the universe has a way of getting you back to the door. Sometimes we get upset about these turns of events; we are hurt, offended, mad things didn’t go as we planned. I bet, in most cases, you were just detoured, like the fly in my kitchen. Or like the chipmunk on my patio chased away by my dogs.

That’s the best part about Human Design. It allows you to go to your natural flow state, and find your way in the most authentic and organic way possible so you end up in less places that make you feel frantic.

And remember, even when you land in places you feel you don’t belong, you’re still learning something and you’re still making connections. The universe will help you find the door, when it’s time. Trust and allow.


“There is no life I know

To compare with pure imagination

Living there, you'll be free

If you truly wish to be”

From Pure Imagination as heard in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Wondering which way you are meant to do your thing?

  • Generators & Manifesting Generators (70% of us) = wait to respond, allow for opportunities and live your best life while you wait. This enables you to call in your best aligned people, places and things.

  • Projectors (20% of us) = wait to be invited to share your opinions, it will go so much better. An empowered Projector is unstoppable and pure magic!

  • Manifestors (10% of us) = like Nike says, just do it! You are able to chase down things and make stuff happen. In fact, if you wait for permission, you will be frustrated.

  • Reflectors (1% of us) = you need to wait for a full lunar cycle to feel your way through. You are extra special and need your own unique approach.

And if you really want to know more, reach out for a Human Design consultation!

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